F1 driver market: Hulkenberg says goodbye to Haas?

Haas driver Nico Hulkenberg would be ready to say yes to Audi from 2025 (when it will take over Sauber) on the basis of a three-year contract

It seems that Nico Hülkenberg is about to make the leap to Sauber in 2025, with the prospect of broader involvement within the project Audi. The fact that there is talk of a pre-agreement indicates that the negotiations are at an advanced stage and that it is missing only the official signature. The German driver appears to be an attractive option for Sauber (which will become Audi in 2026) and for the Audi project manager, Andreas Seidl. The current pilot of the Haas he is certainly one of the protagonists of this start of the season, managing to place himself three times in the points in the first five races.

Furthermore, there is also the hypothesis of forming a competitive pair of drivers, possibly with Carlos Sainzto prepare for the debut of the new power units. However, Sainz may be reluctant to join for just one year of “purgatory” before the 2026 regulations arrive. This could affect the future of other drivers like Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhouwhose performance has been and still is the subject of criticism.

F1 driver market: Hulkenberg says goodbye to Haas?F1 driver market: Hulkenberg says goodbye to Haas?

Audi prepares lineup for 2026

Goodbye to Haas for Nico Hulkenberg could have become reality already at the beginning of 2024, but Gene Haas' team responded negatively. In fact, the CEO of the House of the Four Rings Andreas Seidl has had the German driver in his sights for some time. The idea of ​​the incoming team is to recreate the Hulkenberg-Sainz duo who were teammates in 2018 Renault. Both represent a pair of very experienced drivers both in terms of driving and development of the single-seater. But if in the meantime the driver native of Madrid has not yet resolved his reservations about his future, Audi is preparing for his arrival in F1 by wanting to place the pair of drivers who will debut together with it in 2026, already in 2025 to develop the future plans.

The German company offered Hulkenberg a three-year contracthowever there is not yet the signature in black and white, but in the month of May many players in the F1 driver market could move. It will be interesting to follow developments in the coming months or weeks to see where Hülkenberg will end up and how the driver situation in the Formula 1 market will evolve. We will keep you updated on the story and how the driver market will evolve. In the meantime, follow us on techgameworld.com to stay up to date on the world of Formula 1.