Face ID does not work when changing the iPhone 13 screen

Il Face ID non funziona cambiando lo schermo di iPhone 13 thumbnail

Apple made sure to disable Face ID on iPhone 13 When replace the display with a non-original screen. The problem is that face recognition instead it no longer works even when using original parts, making it even more problematic to break the screen of your new iPhone.

The Face ID does not work by changing the screen of the iPhone 13, even if it is original

Breaking the screen of your new iPhone is always a traumatic moment. But the situation gets complicated if, replacing it with an original display, the Face ID stops working. In a video published by Phone Repair Guru he showed Apple’s new mechanism. A system checks that you have inserted an original display and if not, block Face ID. A system in itself controversial, which requires you to do not use repairers outside the Apple world.

The situation worsens because even using an original spare part, the result does not change. The only way to be sure Face ID works is take it to an Apple Store or to a store that is part of the Independent Repair Program of the Apple.


In fact, for it to work it seems that Apple scans the serial number before making the repair. Something that could potentially extend customer waiting times and repair costs. Apple uses these systems to make sure that incorrect repairs do not compromise the functionality of the smartphone. But seeing that the mechanism that allows you to use Face ID is not part of the screen, repair experts wonder why this process is necessary in this case.

We hope that none of the readers will ever spoil the screen of their iPhone 13. But in the unfortunate event that this happens, know you have to go back to Apple to get a spare. Even if you are an expert in repairs and have bought an original display.