Facebook’s list of “dangerous individuals and organizations” has been leaked

La lista di Facebook di "individui e organizzazioni pericolose" è stata leakata thumbnail

The Facebook list, published by The Intercept, includes more than 4,000 people e groups, including criminals, hate groups and dangerous organizations. Here are the details.

Facebook’s list of dangerous organizations has been leaked

Facebook has listed more than 4,000 people and groups in his list and labeled them as dangerous. Among them we find white supremacists, militarized social movements and alleged terrorists. The Intercept recently published aforementioned list of dangerous individuals and organizations that Facebook does not allow on its platform, providing a behind-the-scenes look at how the social network is moderate content that could lead to offline violence.

More than half of the list lists suspects foreign terrorists, especially Middle Eastern, South Asians and Muslims. Experts told The Intercept that the list, as well as Facebook’s policy, suggests the company poses stricter restrictions on marginalized groups.

Facebook has a protection system a three levels. Terrorist groups, hate groups and criminal organizations are part of the most restrictive level, Tier 1. The least restrictive level, Tier 3, include i militarized social movements. The Intercept, regarding Tier 3, said: “These are mostly right-wing American anti-government militias, which are almost entirely white.”

The list is not complete

Brian Fishman, Facebook’s Director of Policy for Counterterrorism and Dangerous Organizations, said in a series of tweets that the list published by The Intercept it is not complete. The list is constantly updated. Fishman then stated:

Defining and identifying dangerous organizations globally is extremely difficult.

Fishman also pointed out that terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State group e al-Qaeda they have hundreds of individual entities, many of which are listed as voci separate in order to “facilitate application” by altering the number of entities from a particular region.

The Tier 1 list, he said, includes more than 250 white supremacist organizations.

Facebook has faced the pressure to be more transparent about its policy against individuals and the dangerous organizations. In January, the supervisory commission charged with reviewing the content moderation of the social network overturned a decision by remove a post that the company had labeled as “violent”, noting that “Facebook did not specify the rules to users”. The board also recommended that Facebook make its public list of dangerous organizations and individuals or lists of examples.

Fishman finally said that Facebook has not shared the list “to limit legal risk, limit security risks, and minimize opportunities for groups to circumvent the rules,” but is seeking to improve the policy.