Robin Williams: back on the screens, thanks to a screen test by actor Jamie Costa

Robbie Williams is resurrected on the screens via a screen test by actor, imitator Jamie Costa. Who produced a video where he plays Robin Williams to persuade Hollywood to make a biopic about the late actor

Jamie Costa is a 31-year-old American actor and imitator known on social media for having shot a series of more improvised and spontaneous short films and videos in which he represents famous movie characters, starting with Marty McFly, Han Solo, Joker a Obi-Wan-Kenobi which he starred in a short fan made movie.

His imitations are as real as they are impressive. One of his most popular imitations is the one in which he imitates Joker, with the make-up of the same character. (Below is the video of the interpretation attached).

He also imitated George W. Bush, Matthew McConaughey, Robert Downey Jr, Johnny Depp, Owen Wilson, Christian Bale, e Ian McKellen.

Robin Williams in Jamie Costa’s screen test

As for Robin Williams, on the other hand, Jamie Costa manages to imitate his voice very well, he perfectly manages to copy the steps, movements and grimaces of the same actor. In fact, Jamie Costa, on his YouTube channel, has published a screen test where he can be seen taken in the role of Robin Williams, where he is in the make-up room of the series Mork & Mindy when they tell him about the death of John Belushi, died in 1982 from an overdose at a party atHotel Chateau Marmont in which Williams was also present until a few hours before. (The video is attached below).

Jamie Costa does all this, certainly to pay homage to the late actor, who died on August 14, 2014) but also to be able to create a hypothetical biopic about Robin Williams and then find a financier to be able to produce the film.

Let us know in the comments what you think, of the infamous actor Robin Williams, who has made adults and children dream with his films, apart from his role in the film: We died forever, Jumanji, the moment fleeing, one night at the museum 1, 2, 3, marriage license, and many others, without forgetting that he also lent his voice to the cartoon genius Walt Disney Aladdin.

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