Fantic presents the 15.5 kg Rampage e-mtb

Fantic presenta Rampage ed entra nel segmento dell'e-mtb light thumbnail

The market has been waiting for it for a while, that’s it Rampage and the debut of Fantic in the light e-mtb segment. Fun, feeling with the vehicle is what Rampage will give to bikers. Thus from the name of a well-known path of the Berici Hills, in the province of Padua, Fantic Rampage based on a carbon fiber frame boasts on the scale a weight of 15.5 kg.

Fantic winks at mobility with a cutting-edge product range in terms of materials and technology. Above all, the company takes care of the design by following the new trends and adding that touch of originality that distinguishes it on the market.

Fantic Rampage is a Light e-mtb designed for long distances on fast and flowing routes.

Rampage, the debut of Fantic in the e-mtb light segment, source official website

Fantic Rampage mounts a customizable TQ HPR50 engine

Il thruster roaring for Fantic Rampage And light e compact, it’s a TQ HPR50 with 50 Nm of maximum torque. This is assisted by a built-in 360Wh battery, and a rear suspension that does away with the joints near the wheel axis replaced by the controlled bending of the carbon fibre.

Rampage, the debut of Fantic in the segment and mtb light, source official website Rampage, the debut of Fantic in the segment and mtb light, the customizable TQ HPR50 engine, official website source

Another detail is the patent Fantic Flip Chip. Previously used on the model XTF 1.6 Carbon, che allows the rear wheel to have two positions and thus obtain two different geometries while maintaining the lowest possible rear height as well as enabling the passage of 2.2″ and 2.4″ wheels.

Removable battery with the possibility of integration

The drums interna Of Fantic Rampage And removableto be recharged away from the bike, with the possibility of adding a optional 160Wh range extender, to be mounted on the special support inside the front triangle. The central display on the top tube indicates the level of drumsl’autonomy estimated, the watts supplied by the engine and by the cyclist, in addition of course to the speed, while the minimal control on the handlebar allows you to set three levels of assistance. These are customizable via theapp Fanticacting on maximum power, assistance percentage, and pedal response.

Fantic Rampage: Cross Country o Downcountry

Due it’s versions of the new e-mtb Light Fantic Rampage: Cross Country with 120 mm of front and rear travel, Downcountry which sees these values ​​pass to 140 mm. Of course, specifications and geometries also change, with two setups for the Cross Country (1.2 Factory e 1.2 Race) e three for Downcountry (1.4 Factory, 1.4 Race, 1.4 Sport). They are all available in two colours, Black with iridescent graphics and Red with titanium colored graphics.

Fantic Rampage: geometry and setups

The geometry of Fantic Rampage 1.2 gives maximum pedaling efficiency and a ‘racing’ style riding setting, while the 1.4 version, with wider wheels and longer rear end, has superior grip and stability when going downhill.

Quattro it’s sizesyes S a XL. These are the main geometric dimensions of Rampage 1.2: 66.5° head angle, 74° seat angle, 337mm bottom bracket height, 430mm chainstays, 423.5 to 483mm reach and 605 to 640mm stack. These instead are the odds of Rampage 1.4: 65° seat angle, 75° head angle, 352mm bottom bracket height, 437mm chainstay, reach from 423.5 to 483mm and stack from 605 to 640mm. The Rampage 1.2 bikes use Rock Shox suspension (SID fork and SIDLuxe shock), with remote control on the handlebar and in Ultimate versions for the Factory set-up, which also uses the cockpit integrated Fantic in carbon and the seatpost telescopic Crank Brothers always based on the noble fiber.

Rampage, the debut of Fantic in the e-mtb light segment, source official websiteRampage, the debut of Fantic in the e-mtb light segment, source official website

Suspensions go to SR Suntour per Rampage 1.4with manual controls and a higher air volume, for more comfort but also superior performance on more technical terrain.

Even the wheels and cranks are in carbon in the top-of-the-range versions. It deserves to be emphasized the new Sram XX gearbox mounted on the Rampage XC 1.2 Factory, super light and resistant.

Where to buy it and costs

Finally, resellers are available by googling the dedicated site. While for the prices they range from 5.490 € per Rampage 1.4 Sport a 11.590 € per Rampage 1.2 Factorypassing through €6,690 Rampage 1.4 Race, €9,490 Rampage 1.4 Factorye €8,290 Rampage 1.2 Race.