Far Cry 6, the Pagan: Control DLC has a release date

Ubisoft has officially unveiled the release date of the next Far Cry 6 DLC, Pagan: Control, which will debut on all platforms in the coming days

Far Cry 6 is preparing to further expand its retrospective on the brand’s past villains, thanks to next DLC dedicated to him, whose release date is now imminent, as confirmed by Ubisoft itself. In fact, in the current month it will be officially released Pagan: Control, the expansion that focuses on the antagonist seen in the fourth installment of the series. It remains to be understood, also given the way in which it was presented to us Vaas, how the character will connect to the latest iteration of the brand, but we won’t have to wait long to do so.

Far Cry 6 and the release date of the Pagan: Control DLC

As mentioned above, there is really a handful of days to go Pagan’s return with great fanfare Min, although declined within the atmosphere of the sixth chapter of the series, given that the second Season Pass DLC is expected to be released on next 11 January. This is the penultimate appointment with the add-ons provided by the pass in question, given that with Collapse, dedicated to the Joseph Seed seen in the fifth episode, the additions dedicated to the latest Ubisoft effort will be concluded. For this DLC, however, we have not confirmed a release date at the moment.

The Season Pass di Far Cry 6However, it certainly won’t run out here, as everyone who bought it will also receive the standalone expansion Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, a real parody of the 80s, and which stars the fictional action movie star Rex “Power” Colt.

With Pagan: Control and the next DLC, however, Far Cry 6 certainly does not exhaust its post-launch support, given that in addition to the new missions that featured Danny “Machete” Trejo, there are also some new crossover events with Rambo and Stranger Things.

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