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Twitter heads Tweet Take: video reactions are coming

It’s only been a few months since Twitter put a stone on Fleets, but it seems that the company is already experimenting with a new format for sharing video content: the social network has in fact kicked off the testing of a new function called Tweet Take, which allows users to share video reactions to attach to their tweet.

Twitter: Tweet Take function is coming

Through this new feature, Twitter users can choose to send what the social network defines as a “Quote Tweet with reaction” instead of the typical retweet. These “Tweet Takes,” as the company calls them, can consist of a photo or video, with the original tweet sparking this reaction positioned at the top, like a quote.

The idea behind this new feature is similar to that seen in the Fleets feature, which however did not have much luck, as it was canceled shortly after launch. This option allowed users to share tweets with their own comments in full screen video format. Fleets however, it did not involve users as the social media hoped, and it disappeared just a month after its distribution.

Unlike Fleets, however, Tweet Takes will appear in the main timeline of social users just like any other tweet, even if the videos will appear significantly different from the typical retweet. The inspiration behind the video reactions of TikTok it is quite obvious, as it already was for Fleets, confirming Twitter’s willingness to also look at the competition for the development of new features.

In any case, the Tweet Take function remains in the testing phase for the moment and it is not clear when and if the social network intends to make it available to all users.

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