Far Cry 6: Trailer for PC Features

A new trailer released by Ubisoft showcases all the technical features of the PC version of the upcoming Far Cry 6

Ubisoft a few hours ago he released a new trailer dedicated to Far Cry 6, the upcoming new chapter of the famous open world shooter saga. The video in question focuses on what will be the peculiar characteristics of the PC version, whose works were curated by the Kiev-based Ubisoft studio, which was assisted by the Montreal and Toronto teams. Obviously it will be reasonable to expect high performance in this incarnation for personal computers, but let’s see in detail what we will find waiting for us.

Far Cry 6: a trailer illustrates the features of the PC version

Among the features present we will find the frame rate unlocked, which will be accompanied by a benchmark tool that will allow us to check the performance and current use of VRAM. By virtue of hardware ray tracing support, the PC release will also feature hybrid ray tracing reflexes, as well as shadows able to take advantage of this technology. Between various adjustable settings, the players will be able to intervene on the filtering of the textures, the shadows, the yield of the water and the ground, the volumetric fog and much more, depending on what the various needs will be (a preview system able to preview the changes made).

To close the package we have the support for multi monitors and ultra wide screens, the high refresh rate, the adaptive resolution and the frame rate lock.

All those who want to push to the limit Far Cry 6, will have a HD texture pack, which can be downloaded as needed. The controls will be fully mappable, and will be there accessibility options that will range from the speed of the texts, to the color blind mode, up to impact on the subtitles. The trailer also offers a glimpse of the photo mode, which will also be available for consoles, which will allow you to adjust the brightness, contrast, weather conditions and much more.

Before saying goodbye and renewing the invitation to stay on TechGameWorld.com, we remind you that the game will be available starting from next 7 October, in the Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC and Google Stadia formats.

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