Far Cry 6: Ubisoft reaffirms the focus on politics

Far Cry 6’s plot hijacks Cuba: “Yara” politics will be an overtly central theme of Ubisoft’s new open world adventure

We know well that Ubisoft has always treated the policy in its open world shooter series, but now it’s official that Far Cry 6 will manage the topic in a much more open way. The narrative director has just confirmed it Navid Khavari in a post on the official Ubisoft website, opening with a clear “Our history is political”. Next, Khavari talks about how the history of modern revolution will include difficult discussions of social relevance about what can lead a nation to fascism, along with all the costs (metaphorical and material) that it can entail.

Ubisoft and Far Cry 6 politics

Between free and fair elections and LGBTQ + rights (today very relevant), the politics that Ubisoft is pouring into Far Cry 6 has something for everyone. This, for Khavari, is a stepping stone towards stories told with more courage, a milestone that took five years of hard work. This does not mean that everything will be treated roughly; quite simply, the writing team now reserves every right to speak openly about an explicit allegory to the Cuban situation. This did not require “only” expert advice, but also Khavari’s own research and experience.

In fact, the latter comes from a family that for generations has been dealing with the consequences of a revolution, often talking about it at the table with their guests. While not denying the occasional moments of lightness (and the many others full of pure action) seen elsewhere in the series, this chapter aims to tell as accurately as possible many complex concepts. There is no short summary for a standpoint, just an intricate balance that the team is working very hard on. The game is expected on October 7th.

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