LEGO announces LEGO CON: the must-see event for brick fans

Families can discover all the latest LEGO news and connect globally with other fans at the inaugural LEGO CON event

Today the LEGO Group announces the inaugural event of the LEGO CON, and invite fans of all ages to join in the fun! This two-hour live event, full of emotions, will allow children and families to discover the most beautiful news in the world made of bricks together with a community of people who share a passion for bricks and an interest in creativity.

LEGO CON announced: the unmissable event for brick fans

During the live show, participants can be the first to discover brand new models and to try their hand at epic challenges, witness live construction competitions with special guests, and even become part of the history of the LEGO House, leaving your own personal mark inside the Home of the Brick! The livestream kicks off with an AFOL-inspired pre-show, before moving on to truly eventful programming, where attendees can also immerse yourself in live virtual activities and conversations with other fans from around the world, while living incredible experiences such as:

  • VIP access behind the scenes;
  • Inspirations and live constructions that demonstrate the infinite possibilities of the brick;
  • Official announcement of new products;
  • Exclusive opportunities to interact with designers and other presenters during the show.

The inaugural LEGO CON will be hosted and livestreamed in English directly from the LEGO House in Billund, Denmark, on June 26, 2021 from 18.00 to 20.00. The dubbed version in Italian will be available from 15 July. We remind you that to keep up to date on the nerdy world, and much more, you can follow our pages!

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