Farming Simulator 22: Active players on Steam would have surpassed those of Battlefield 2042

Currently, the active players on Steam of Farming Simulator 22 would have surpassed those of Battlefield 2042: let’s find out together the ranking!

It was reported that Farming Simulator 22 would reach a number of active players on Steam greater than that of Battlefield 2042 in the same week. With Black Friday just ended, many have taken advantage of discounts to buy games at reduced prices: let’s see what led players to make this choice.

Does Farming Simulator 22 really have more active players on Steam than Battlefield 2042?

A study conducted by Steam DB, the database which analyzes everything that happens on the platform, highlighted how Farming Simulator 22 has gained more active users than Battlefield 2042 (in the week ending November 28). The Ranking posted on the company’s Twitter profile showed how in the top 5 there are important titles, in addition to the two already mentioned, such as Cyberpunk 2077 (which for PC did not have the same problems as the version for PS4) and Red Dead Redemption 2.

What would the reasons that led players not to choose Battlefield 2042? Apparently, some bug encountered in the game: the excessive spread of bullets, problems receiving shots and some missing features. Farming Simulator is confirmed among the franchise most popular in gaming, and upon its release the 22 november had entered the ranking of the most bought games in the UK and the USA. Talking about numbers, Farming Simulator 22 peaked at 93,782 players active in the last 48 hours (approximately), while Battlefield 2042 has stalled at a much lower 53.053.

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