Fastweb Digital Academy: starts the second edition of the course to train Cyber ​​Security Analyst

Fastweb Digital Academy: inizia la seconda edizione del corso per formare Cyber Security Analyst thumbnail

Fastweb recently announced that Fastweb Digital Academy – the school for new digital skills created by Fastweb and the Cariplo Foundation – is about to welcome the second edition of free course dedicated to training of Cybersecurity Analyst, one of the most sought after professionals in the world of work in the IT security sector. Here are the details.

Fastweb Digital Academy, the second edition begins

The beginning of the course marks the renewal of thetraining offer of the Fastweb Digital Academywhose action is inserted and strengthens “You are the Future”, or the corporate strategic vision aimed at achieving a more connected, inclusive and eco-sustainable future.

The course will start on October 10 and is composed of 190 hours of free training delivered online within the path of 6 weeks. This path is in turn made up of integrated teaching activities, guided exercises and individual study.

The courses started by Fastweb Digital Academy and aimed at training Cybersecurity experts have received more than that 800 candidature. More than 50 students they were selected to start the classes and some of the best students were hired to continue the “on-the-job” training in Fastweb or in a company of its network.

About 26% of the school’s students say they have enriched their Curriculum with a Fastweb Digital Academy course.

The figure of the Cyber ​​Security Analyst

In particular, the Cyber ​​Security Analyst is one highly specialized professional figure which has the task of to prevent and, when necessary, identify threats that could compromise an organization’s IT infrastructure and data. At the same time it is capable of detect e solve potential criticalities and weaknesses at the software and hardware level.

This figure also plays monitoring activities, Research ed interventionto address active threats in order to the annuls o limit them the impact.

Participation in the course obviously requires some minimum technical prerequisites for admission which are evaluated via a entrance test in English. Upon passing the test will be followed by a technical selection interview. At the end of the course the students will get a certificate which certifies the training received and can be evaluated for any placements selected at a company of the Fastweb network.

For more information you can consult the official site.