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Father’s Day: here are Gillette gift ideas for every style

For Father’s Day come the fantastic and unmissable Gillette gift ideas for every style, whether it’s a “bomber” or a “king”

From the Box King C. with the best beard care products to the Gift Pack designed for those who love to have their face always smooth and clean. Gillette products are the perfect gift for dadswhatever their style.

Details on new Gillette Father’s Day gift ideas

There are many occasions, in the course of life, to show one’s affection, love and gratitude towards one’s dad. However, there is a day on the calendar that more than any other represents the perfect time to be together, hug each other, and underline once again how important this figure is to our lives. Father’s Day. March 19 is, therefore, an opportunity to allow us to make our papa bomber or our papa king feel special. So as to celebrate him with a gift worthy of the figure he represents for us and which can also best express his personality and style. Precisely for this reason, Gillette offers some splendid gift ideas designed to enhance the different styles that have always accompanied our dads since the care of their beard. Which also represent one of the most important values ​​to pass on to their children. Whether it’s a dad always looking for the perfect shave, like a true Bomber, or obsessed with beard care, like a true King, Gillette is able to satisfy every style requirement!

Father's Day: here are Gillette gift ideas for every style

For “King” dads, the King’s Box

For dads who make their beard their hallmark, always careful to make sure that every hair is in perfect order, the King’s Box is the perfect gift. Inside the prestigious handbag, in fact, you will find:

  • Gentle Beard Balmwhich leaves the beard and skin beautifully soft and well-groomed;
  • Il Beard and Face Cleansing Gelto wash the beard while keeping the facial hair always fresh;
  • Beard combto be on top and have your beard always in top condition for any occasion.

For the “Bomber” Dads the Gift Pack

If, to quote our famous commercial, our dad also shaves his beard to go buy La Gazzetta dello Sport and discuss football while enjoying a coffee at the bar, the Gillette Gift Pack is perfect. Inside the practical case, the bomber dad will find everything he needs to ensure smooth skin without irritation. In detail:

  • ProGlide razor, able to glide effortlessly over the skin, reaching virtually every hair. The 5 anti-friction blades guarantee a close and long-lasting shave, while the protection bar with microgrooves positioned behind the fins helps guide the hair towards the blade;
  • Gillette Fusion Shave Gelfor a complete defense against shaving irritation, with almond oil.

And you? What do you think of these Gillette Father’s Day gifts? ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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