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Father’s Day? Here are the ideas of Teufel, Trust and Devolo!

March 19th is approaching and the search for the perfect gift for dad begins. Hi-tech will make everyone agree, with a technological gift

Father’s day is approaching, and with it also the gift ideas of the most famous manufacturers of smart electronic components, today we offer you the ideas of the producers Teufel, Trust, Devolo.

Father’s Day? Here are the ideas of Teufel, Trust and Devolo

Airy Sports TWS – High-paced vibrations

Professional in-ear sports headphones wireless with HD linear drivers, designed to offer high listening quality, maximum resistance and autonomy during sessions. Ideal for sporty dads who love to focus on music. Equipped with HD Driver high resilience linear with a response in for precise highs, warm mids and powerful lows. Autonomy up to 31 hours with charging case, over 7 hours of playback on a single charge. Available in Black color at the price: 149,99€

ULTIMA 40 – For a return to Hi-Fi

This pair of Hi-Fi speakers floor lamp represents a timeless legend within the most famous Teufel line. ULTIMA 40 is able to offer very high acoustic performance for listening to music, movies and video games thanks to the 3-way system with two high-power woofers, for high levels and without distortion. ULTIMA 40 is compatible with any stereo amplifier or AV receiver, also available as a surround set. Price € 499.99

BOOMSTER – Soundtrack of your days

The stereo sound system The brand’s most popular and iconic Bluetooth DAB + / FM. Thanks to new updates and new features, it is the perfect companion for the dad who loves listening to new hits and songs of his heart. Equipped with Dynamore by Teufel technology, it provides an enveloping acoustic stage, with a RMS power of 42 Watts it is really tireless: it allows playback up to 18 hours. Analog and digital radio with Bluetooth 5 con apt-X for wireless streaming of music / podcasts in CD quality via Spotify & Co., supports multipoint (connect a second smartphone) and true wireless stereo. Price 369.90

These instead represent the perfect gifts for those who love practicality and want to optimize Smartworking

VOXX: Rechargeable ergonomic wireless mouse

One rechargeable wireless mouse with digital display and ergonomic vertical design, to offer optimal comfort, for a super hard worker. Functional and resistant, it is equipped with nine buttons: the DPI button allows you to adjust the speed of the cursor, while the side ones are used to move quickly back and forth in the browser.

It can be connected via USB or Bluetooth to a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone, making the product particularly versatile. With a price of 49,99 euro.

THESIS: Webcam Ultra HD 4K

A webcam with 74 ° field of view and two integrated microphones, with smartworking, increasingly present for the father, the first impression at work is fundamental. Thanks to this webcam it will be possible to have a better perception of depth, higher definition images and vivid colors. The lens will do everything by itself thanks to the autofocus, maintaining a clear and crisp frame and with a built-in dual stereo microphone it captures audio in high quality and captures clear sound from multiple directions. Price: 139,99 euro

Dalyx: Dock multi porta USB-C 10-in-1

One refined aluminum 10-in-1 USB-C multi-port docking station which allows for versatile connectivity using a single USB-C connection. It is crucial for dad to get the most out of their laptop by connecting with multiple devices through USB-C, HDMI, USB-A and a network port. Going from work to relaxation has never been easier: by connecting your tablet or laptop to a monitor or TV you can watch movies, TV series and photos in Ultra HD 4K. With Dalyx 10-in-1, you can work in comfortBy setting the laptop according to the best viewing angle and height, it therefore represents a highly aesthetic complement to work and office equipment. Price: 119,99 euro


Headphones designed for comfort, with an eye to the environment: lightweight and eco-friendly design in recycled materials and sturdy leatherette earcups with mesh top layer. The built-in rechargeable battery guarantees up to 13 hours of autonomy, while the dongle USB 5,8 GHz offers you ultra-fast connection. The first headphones eco-friendly GXT 391 THIAN made with 85% recycled plastic, certified by SCS, which perfectly meet the circular economy criteria, much requested by today’s consumers. The perfect gift for the tech dad, but who cares about the environment. Price: 69,99 euro

Father's Day?  Here are the ideas of Teufel, Trust and Devolo!

devolo: Magic 2 WiFi 6

The world’s fastest Powerline adapter with Wi-Fi 6 standard up to 1800 Mbps. A simple and discreet design that contains high-performance technologies. Through l’installazione Plug-and-play it is easy and intuitive: once the first adapter is inserted in the plug, all the other adapters that are inserted connect with each other, without the need to press any buttons. At this point, simply connect an adapter to the router using a Ethernet cable and devolo Magic is ready for use.

From the computer in the study to the Smart TV in the living room, the Internet signal reaches all devices, a convenient and useful gift for the father who loves to relax with some movies and TV series.

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