FBI hacked hackers – defeated the REvil group

L'FBI ha hackerato gli hacker: sconfitto il gruppo REvil thumbnail

In April, the REvil ransomware group managed to find and reveal the designs of MacBook Pro 2021 before launch. Now REvil himself has been hacked thanks to an operation led byFBI, in collaboration with secret services and law enforcement agencies in multiple countries. Law enforcement has gained control of a number of REvil servers in order to prevent further attacks and prosecute those involved in managing the ransomware group.

FBI Hacked Hackers: Attack on REvil

The REvil ransomware group said in April that it had hacked systems belonging to the Apple vendor Quanta Computer and to have obtained schematics describing a number of new products, later revealed during the company’s recent event which took place on October 18th.

REvil first attempted to blackmail Quanta by asking for $ 50 million in exchange for not making the files publicly available, and later tried to do the same with Apple. Failed this strategy, REvil has published the diagrams, which revealed several details of the MacBook Pro 2021, then confirmed during the event.

The Reuters editorial team reports that the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have now reversed the situation:

The REvil ransomware group was hacked and taken offline this week by an operation in multiple countries, according to three private sector cyber experts working with the United States and a former official. The criminal group’s “Happy Blog” website, which was used to leak victim data and extort companies, is no longer available. The FBI, in partnership with Cyber ​​Command, secret services and like-minded countries, have indeed engaged in significant disruptive action against these groups – he said. Kellermann, US intelligence consultant for cybercrime investigations – REvil was at the top of our list. “

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