Ferrari Daytona SP3, for Manzoni the new Icon is “the most beautiful ever”

Ferrari Daytona SP3, il designer Manzoni: "La più bella di sempre" thumbnail

The release of a Ferrari is always an event to remember. In this case, however, the Maranello company has created a car that wants to pay homage to its most beautiful and winning racing sports cars of the 1960s: here is the Ferrari Daytona SP3, the new Prancing Horse Icon. With the third car of the “Icon Concept”, the legendary V12 engine returns (alone) to the rear, the SP3 Daytona is also the most powerful non-hybrid Ferrari ever with its 840 hp. I’m not in the skin to tell you the rest, you are ready to discover one of the most modern Ferraris iconiche?

The inspiration of Ferrari Daytona SP3: the victories in the Sport Prototypes of 330 P4 and the never born 250 P5 BS

Before talking about the Ferrari Daytona SP3, it is good to tell you where it comes from and who is inspired by this incredible car. In fact, you should know that the Daytona SP3 is also part of the new Concept Icon of the Maranello company, that is a series of cars produced in limited edition that celebrate and are inspired by the racing cars that have made the history of the Prancing Horse. And if the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 inspired by the incredible racing cars of the 1950s, the new Daytona SP3 takes its roots from Sport Prototype from the 1960s, but not only.

In fact, the name, Daytona, already refers to an event in particular, which took place almost 55 years ago. It was the February 6, 1967, and on the American circuit of Daytona Ferrari completed an incredible hat-trick in the first leg of the World Sport Prototypes Championship. After the victory of the Ford GT40s at Le Mans in 1966 (which inspired the splendid film Le Mans ’66 – La grande challange), where Ferrari got out of the Ford hat-trick, the Maranello company launched the 330 P4, a new car capable of fighting on equal terms with the American car.

The 330 P4, which went down in history for being one of the most beautiful racing cars in automotive history, managed to win the famous American endurance race with its central V12. Ferrari as mentioned, however, managed to close a dominant one triplet, with behind the 330 P3 / 4 (specimen so called as a direct evolution of a 1966 330 P3) driven by Lorenzo Bandini and Chris Amon two other Ferraris, a 330 P4 and a 412 P. That hat-trick then gave the name to one of the most beautiful Ferraris ever built, the 365 GTB/4 of 1968 called precisely Daytona in honor of that hat-trick.

Today, Ferrari decides to pay homage to that company and that car with his third Icon, the SP3 Daytona. The car has lines that recall a lot the 330 P4, but at the rear, as we will see, there is a reference to another Ferrari Sport Prototype never born, the 250 P5 Sport Berlinetta.

The aesthetics of Ferrari Daytona SP3: the Icon was born at home, amidst modern references, Sport Prototypes and the Testarossa

So let’s go in order, and see theaesthetics crazy of the new Ferrari SP3 Daytona. The front has proportions that immediately refer to the Maranello Sports Prototype of the 1960s, starting with the low and pointed front. THE wheel arches are swollen, very swollen, and on their top are the rear-view mirrors, just as it was used at the time. The windshield is also hyper-enveloping, it seems almost a drop that allows the rider a perfect visibility in all conditions.

Always derived from those cars of the 60s is the roof with removable central section type Targa, very popular and used in those years also in racing cars. The rear, then, with its soft and sinuous lines and an almost exaggerated volume in the tail, it immediately refers to the 330 P4. There coda instead it has very interesting references. The transparent bonnet allows you to enjoy the view of the 6.5-liter V12, while the tormented design of the rear is another beautiful quote.

Here Ferrari wanted to pay homage to the car that was to replace the 330 P4, but which never went into production. In fact, we are talking about the 250 P5 Sport Berlinetta, a car with extreme and very particular lines that never found the track. The rear was furrowed by these horizontal lines parallel to the asphalt, a stretch that Ferrari then resumed on some road cars as on the immortal Testarossa, the most famous of the “cut” Ferraris. The whole car is stunning, it has incredibly balanced, harmonious, clean lines. A new high point for Ferrari, which with this SP3 returns to clean proportions and clear, harmonized lines. A car capable of recalling the glorious past of Ferrari, but with technologies and solutions straight from the future.

Also atindoor, the citations to the Ferrari 330 P4 are present above all at the sitting level. We don’t have classic adjustable seats, but Ferrari has chosen to bring back to life the classic padded mattresses glued to the frame. Covered in a very special electric blue fabric, they are totally irremovable. The only way to adjust your driving position is move the steering column and pedals, both adjustable. Ferrari then obtained small triangles in the front pillar to allow you to always have an eye on the rear-view mirrors mounted on the front wheel arches. However, there is no lack of technology. As on the latest Ferraris there is in fact the multifunction steering wheel it’s a fully digital instrument cluster over 16 inches which also acts as an infotainment system.

The designer, Flavio Manzoni: “A work of art, the most beautiful car ever”

After the presentation of the new Ferrari Daytona SP3, there was also room for the statements by the protagonists of this project starting from Sales and Marketing Director of the House of Maranello, Enrico Galliera. “First of all we looked for a concept to inspire us.”, Explained Galliera. “We then tried to translate it into the present, with a look towards the future. For Ferrari, in fact, a car must always be able to communicate something new. We finally have given priority to design, which usually comes after functionality. Here the process was overturned, and Flavio Manzoni was able to work without constraints”.

A dream come true for the designer behind the latest Ferraris, finally free to unleash all his creativity without limitations. Manzoni managed to get a clever mix of lines that recall the past, but using solutions, such as the Full LED rear headlights, which wink at the Ferrari of the future. This Daytona SP3 is a symbol for the next Ferrari, a Ferrari that he will never forget his past, but he wants to be able to bring it back to the present and the near future. All this, however, without forgetting the real keystone of every Maranello car: emotion.

“When we showed the car to selected customers, we saw people cry with emotion. The most recurring word was “Speachless”, Without words “

Every car that crosses the gates of the Via Abetone factory must be able to excite its customers and anyone who looks at it. And from what Galliera could see, the Ferrari Daytona SP3 has already hit the mark. “Just think” explains Galliera “that last week we showed the car to our selected owners of the Icona program. We have seen people cry with emotion, we did not expect it either. The most common word was “speachless“, Without words”.

A success, therefore, even before hitting the asphalt and getting to know its incredible mechanics. After Galliera then spoke the designer of Ferrari Daytona SP3, the Ferrari Design Director Flavio Manzoni, who expressed all his satisfaction for such a beautiful project. “The aesthetic takes its cue from the past, albeit in a modern way. For the first time we had the opportunity to think backwards, starting from the design. The result? A true work of art. I am very fond of this car, perhaps she is the most beautiful ever. “

The mechanics are exceptional: central V12 engine, 840 HP and rear-wheel drive

Words those of Flavio Manzoni that sound like a real one investiture for a car that already promises to be one of the greatest of its generation. And everything is confirmed by one mechanics to scream. First Ferrari since the 2002 Enzo to bring a non-hybrid V12 engine back to the center position, the Ferrari Daytona SP3 has another incredible record. Thanks to its engine 6.5 V12 F140 HC, the latest evolution of the 65 ° V12 launched right on the Enzo, the Daytona SP3 is the most powerful non-hybrid Ferrari ever.

Its engine, in a central-rear position, is in fact capable of delivering well 840 hp and 697 Nm of torque, making it the most powerful non-electrified Cavallino ever for 10 HP compared to the 812 Competizione. But it’s not just the power that makes the Daytona SP3 lightning fast. Even the weight is contained thanks to the full carbon fiber frame. The dry mass in fact speaks of suns 1485 kg, really an excellent result considering the dimensions of the 6.5 V12 and the 4.65 m length of the car. The gearbox is, of course, an automatic 7-speed double clutch and the traction it is only rear. the performance are exceptional: acceleration 0-100 km/h is covered in 2,85 s, while for the 0-200 km/h are enough only 7.4 seconds. The maximum speed? Over 340 km / h: crazy.

How much does the Ferrari Daytona SP3 cost? If you want it and can afford it, however, it’s already late …

We have told you everything about the Ferrari Daytona SP3, and the investiture that the new born Maranello received from those who worked on this incredible car at Ferrari. We just have to talk about the production he was born in price, the latest peculiarities of this car. Like the other cars of the Icon Concept, the Ferrari Daytona SP3 is produced in limited edition. 499 Daytona SP3s will be produced, and the list price starts at 2 million euros.

A high figure, right? Well, Ferrari did not struggle to find buyers: indeed, the Maranello company has already sold all the specimens provided. If reading this article you were determined to buy an SP3, well, unless you have already done so, it is too late. Certainly, however, it will be a unique emotion to see it dart on the road. And then will we see again in the future a new car from the already legendary Icon series? We hope so, and we can’t wait to see the next creation of the House of Maranello. For now, however, we are enjoying the latest masterpiece of the Prancing Horse, destined to become, it should be said, a real Icon of the next …