Ferrari’s e.Do Learning Center opens with Comau robots

Apre l'e.Do Learning Center di Ferrari, con robot Comau thumbnail

Opens thee.Do Learning Center in Ferrari, which exploits technologies Commas to teach with robotics. The center opens at theFermo Corni Institute of Modena and it will be a tool for students of different ages.

Ferrari’s e.Do Learning Center opens in Modena, with Comau technology

They attended the inauguration event Benedetto VignaCEO of Ferrari, with Stefano BonacciniPresident of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Gian Domenico Tomei e Gian Carlo Muzzarelli, President of the Province and Mayor of Modena. And the institutions were able to witness a demonstration led by Comau trainers.

This new center is part of the educational platform of Comau Academy known as e-Do Experience. It allows to accompany students aged 8 to 19 to discover robotics, coding and STEM subjects through the support of Comau e.DO robots.

In the Modena center there are 5 robot e.DO a 6 assi, that allow to engage boys and girls in many different educational experiences.

A project that looks to the future

Pietro GorlierCEO of Comau, comments: “This important initiative, conducted with a prestigious company such as Ferrari, is proof of Comau’s commitment to creating social value for the local area and designing advanced robotic solutions for new sectors. e.DO Learning Center is the ideal tool to involve and stimulate the new generations in the development of innovative skills, both technical and personal, increasingly necessary in today’s study paths and in a constantly evolving world of work. The goal of developing cutting-edge technologies is one of the pillars of this educational project and a fundamental part of Comau’s DNA. “

According to Ezio Fregnan, director of Comau’s Academy and Business Education explains the success of this initiative. “E.DO Learning Center is essential to offer students the opportunity to experience learning directly in the field with a 6-axis robot and the help of an expert trainer, allowing them to build solid basic knowledge in STEM and robotics. This project reflects the Comau Academy’s commitment to anticipating future training needs. And in the development of innovative and stimulating educational projects, aimed at future generations of young talents. “