The EU offers charging stations for electric cars every 60 km

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The Parliament’s Committee on Transport and Tourism European wants to encourage the use of green means of transport. How? In the EU there will be charging stations for electric cars every 60 km. The goal is to provide a green infrastructure with hydrogen charging or refueling stations. By encouraging the use of sustainable means.

In the EU, charging stations for electric cars every 60 km

A proposal that could have epochal implications passed with 36 votes in favor, 2 against and 6 abstentions. By 2026 in Europe there will be charging stations every 60 km, at least along the main roads. And 2028 they also want stations of refueling of hydrogen every 100 kilometers.

“Users of alternative fuel vehicles should be able to pay easily, the price should be displayed per kWh or per kg, be affordable, comparable and accessible to all makes of vehicles ”the law reads.

Furthermore, by 2027 EU MEPs want access point for data on alternative fuels, so that users are informed about availability, waiting times and prices in the various stations.

And if the changes on the roads will be very rapid, also on the roads maritime the EU wants to accelerate the green revolt. In fact, he decided for one 2% reduction starting from 2025, 20% from 2035 and 80% from 2050. To achieve these goals, the EU aims to target ships over 5,000 tonnes, which emit 90% of CO2 emissions.

After approval in committee, Parliament is expected to approve these rules by the October plenary session. Also because to achieve these objective ambitions you need to start acting right away.