FIFA 22: the buggy players of Serie A in FUT

FIFA 22 FUT has now become the flagship mode of the series. For latecomers or those simply looking for a cheap team to start with, today we want to recommend our buggy Serie A players in FIFA 22 FUT.

It is not new how much the Ultimate Team mode has gained in popularity in recent years. Besides Division Rivals e Weekend League, one of the favorite activities remains the “unpacking” of the players. However, it is often not easy to find what it takes to complete the team and, especially at the beginning, you have to settle a bit. To help you in the composition of your dream team, today we want to show you the players of the The most buggy Serie A in FIFA 22 FUT.

Better late than never

Let’s start by specifying that the FUT mode is the competitive one par excellence, consequently timing and continuity are essential in order not to be left behind. If you are reading this guide, it is probably because you have only recently taken the game and lost the very early stages of the Ultimate Team. Getting back on track is not easy at all, but not even impossible. To make it easier for you, we want to show you some of the the most “bugged” players in Serie A. We remind you that with the term bugged FIFA users refer to those players who, although not top players, are equipped with some features that make them usable at good levels. Typically, the tradeoff for buggered players is to be over-powered for their stats, while still keeping the cost very low. But without wasting any more time let’s start with our list!

FIFA 22: the buggy players of Serie A in FUT

Goalkeepers – FIFA 22: the buggy players of Serie A in FUT

Let’s start with the extreme defenders. The first goalkeeper to buy for your squad is Mike Maignan, goalkeeper of AC Milan. The former Lille goalkeeper has replaced Gigio Donnarumma to protect the Rossoneri’s goal, and in terms of price quality he is the best basic goalkeeper to start with to build a good Serie A team. 84 overall he is an economical and complete goalkeeper who often also grants some miracles.

Immediately after Maignan we find Szczesny, the first Juventus goalkeeper. Szczesny is not as cheap as his Milan colleague, but he has an overall of 87 (therefore stronger in general). Equipped with excellent reflexes, he descends faster than Maignan, and being taller he is also more efficient in interventions on long shots. In short, the choice is yours: a good starter at a bargain price or a slightly better alternative, but at a more inflated price.

FIFA 22: the buggy players of Serie A in FUT

Defenders – FIFA 22: the buggy players of Serie A in FUT

Let’s now turn to defense. Also this year, speed remains the game-changer parameter among defenders, with the physique acquiring a bit of importance compared to FIFA 21. The buggy Serie A defenders are few this year and you will probably still see them around playing. online. The first is, for a change, Kalidou Koulibaly. The Napoli defender is now a used to the FUT and also this year he is among the best economic defenders. With his 86 overall he is fast, handsome and statuesque. A must to get started on the right foot.

Alongside Koulibaly, we find one of the best buggy defenders this year Milan Skriniar. The Inter defender earned response points last year and thanks to his physical conformation and his own 80 in PACE (speed) turns out to be an excellent starter for central defense. As for the wings, on the other hand, we don’t have too many alternatives between the full backs. Not being able to get to Theo Hernandez, one of the best full backs in the game, on the left we can settle for Spinazzola. Fresh from an extraordinary and unlucky European, despite the 83 overall Spinazzola sports a 92 in PACE that everything is heard on the pitch. On the right, however, the only alternative to still be competitive is Juan Cuadrado. He too with 83 overall is the fastest right-back, with the best dribbling and even equipped with 5 stars in skills.

FIFA 22: the buggy players of Serie A in FUT

Midfielders – FIFA 22: the bugged Serie A players in FUT

In midfield in Serie A this year we don’t have too much choice. Apart from the top players and the special cards that have already populated the SBC and the market, the basic cards to have at all costs to start are certainly two. The first is Nicolò Barella. The jewel midfielder of Inter has an overall of 84, and despite not excelling in any statistics he reveals himself the most complete midfielder to start with. Thanks to his slender physique he is extremely agile and snappy, and this makes him perfect both in the offensive phase and in the ball recovery phase.

The second midfielder to start with at all costs is Franck Kessiè. Kessie just like Koulibaly is another old acquaintance of FUT veterans, as well as being a particularly popular card by the community. Also this year the AC Milan player reveals himself a very good CDC, probably the best one to start building the team with. Extremely balanced, he sports excellent physical statistics and this makes him the best interdiction midfielder available in Serie A.

FIFA 22: the buggy players of Serie A in FUT

Forwards – FIFA 22: the buggy players of Serie A in FUT

We then come to the most awaited department: the attack. Also this year, in addition to speed, the key factor for a good striker is certainly agility. Whether they are spikes or wings, the strongest forwards to start this year can be counted on the fingertips. The former is not really a striker, but a COC. Let’s talk about the Juventus home joya, Paulo Dybala. Equipped with 87 overall, fast, agile and with a great shot, Dybala has all the key stats to have a good striker at a low price. Moving on to full-time forwards, the best basic ATT this year are Lautaro Martinez and Luis Muriel. The first is not very fast, but it has a good finish and its physical structure makes it extremely viable. Muriel instead shows the same strengths as Dybala: speed, agility and dribbling. All at a very ridiculous price.

As for the “wings” (wings), on the other hand, there are two hot names. On the right the best starter is definitely Federico Chiesa. The Juventus winger is very fast, agile and has a good right foot. On the left, however, the best alternative in terms of value for money is represented by Lorenzo Insigne. The Napoli striker similar to Muriel and Dybala is not gifted with an exceptional physique, but his speed and finalization make him a great AS to start with.

FIFA 22: the buggy players of Serie A in FUT

On boarding

Well friends, this was our short but thorough guide to bugged Serie A players in FIFA 22 FUT. I recommend, you play with these players to unpack at every opportunity and enrich your club to aspire to an ever better score in WL and Division Rivals. As always, we greet you and invite you to stay connected on for more guides, reviews, news and much more from the world of video games. Also, don’t forget to check out the Instant Gaming catalog for always discounted games. Bye and good luck!