FIFA 22: the next gen upgrade not available for PC

Electronic Arts has confirmed that the FIFA 22 next gen upgrade will not be available for PC, nor can it be obtained with the purchase of the Standard Edition

It’s been just under 24 hours since we revealed the launch date of FIFA 22, but despite the enthusiasm that has always characterized every iteration of the famous football videogame, there were also some perplexities. The major criticalities have invested the nex gen upgrade of production which, as we have promptly reported to you, for the console versions will be available for free only for those who purchase the Ultimate edition. The bad news, however, certainly does not end here, since Electronic Arts has also revealed how the specifications dedicated to the new generation they will not be present in the PC release.

FIFA 22 will not have the next gen enhancements on PC

Among the characteristics that will distinguish the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions of the EA title, we find a new animation system, named HyperMotion, which will ensure smoother and more realistic movements. Feature that, combined with all other specific implementations for new generation machines, will not be reflected in the various editions of the game that will be available on PC, situation that makes these iterations identical in all respects to their counterparts for PS4 and Xbox One. And that certainly will not make the happiness of users in possession of a personal computer, however high-performing on the gaming side this may be.

FIFA 22: the next gen upgrade not available for PC

The situation, however unpleasant, replicates what happened with the release 21 of the franchise, which always on PC did not have the characteristics experienced on the new generation gaming consoles. The decision, according to EA’s words, is due to the fact that the company wants to keep minimum hardware requirements very low, so as to allow a greater number of players to benefit from a satisfying gaming experience.

In this regard, we report the words that Aaron McHardy, l’exectuive producer del titolo, had released last year to Eurogamer microphones:

“… We received that information to understand the power of the PCs that are in the world. And when we understood this, we realized that if we wanted to offer an experience similar to that of fifth generation home hardware, the minimum technical specifications required would have cut out a huge number of people, who would not have been able to enjoy our game. “

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