FIFA 22: third update, version 1.14 solves several problems

Goodbye Problems: FIFA 22 Third Update Lifts Numerous (and Accidental) Swords of Damocles from Over the Head of Players

After doing the same on PC and Google Stadia last week, now the third update of FIFA 22 is also available on consoles. The main addition is the two new Volta Arcade minigames. On the one hand we have Bucket Ball, which is absolutely not basketball in all but the name, while on the other we find Closest to the Pin: each player must get the ball as close as possible to the target. However, the biggest (and for the better) change is elsewhere.

The FIFA 22 update: the changes in a nutshell

The career mode of the game was infamous until now for a serious problem, which (to a lesser extent) the latest update has solved: where FIFA 22 players lost progress between sessions, now there is at least an improved pop-up which put the “Save and Exit” option on top. Electronic Arts recommends this rumor until things are sorted out. On PS5, the overall matchmaking situation has been resolved. In addition, the various bugs (rare or not) between fouls and trajectories have been fixed, including graphic glitches on the animations (despite the absence of effects on the gameplay).

Skill tree management now has a new shortcut for removing skill points. The button dedicated to the peculiar abilities was not always represented on the screen before this patch. From a more general point of view, some medals, flags, stadiums, pre-match skits, supporters and even the commentary have been updated. Finally, this also includes some typos and text formatting errors. The patch notes complete will tell you more, but in general the improvements on the day one situation would seem to be wasted.

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