FIFA 22 TOTW 17: here is the team of the week!

Discover with us the FIFA 22 TOTW 17, the strongest team of this last week of the season of the new chapter of the EA Sport franchise

FIFA 22 has been available for a while on PC and consoles, after a short period of Early Access, and we have brought you our complete review of the PC version. Despite the controversy due to the lack of the next-gen update in the PC version, the title of EA Sports is doing great even considering the disastrous launch of eFootball, the free-to-play drift embodied by what was Konami’s PES. We have already introduced you to the game with our guide on what to know before you start playing it, and we have also prepared many introductory articles. Starting with the FIFA Points guide, moving on to the best tactics modules and player instructions, ending on the best young talents for Career mode.

Every Wednesday, EA Sports publishes a squad of about 23 players (one plus, one minus) who stood out in the various games held in the previous week on its official channels. The Team of The Week, in short, or the TOTW if you want to be young people and passionate about football. In the past few hours, EA has published the TOTW of this last week of the FIFA 22 season just passed, we leave you the tweet of the official profile right below. Last week, the featured TOTW was Sanchez, who received the upgrade directly to the SIF version. And who will be this week’s winner?

FIFA 22 TOTW 17: here are the best players of last week, the perfect squad!

This week’s Featured Player is Under, which as always receives the upgrade to the SIF version directly. This week Italian players such as Bastoni and Berardi also return, but there are also many Spaniards including Aitor, Oyarzabal, Hector Bellerin and Puertas. All players who play around the world, very true, but who carry their national flags with honor! We remind you that the cards of the 23 TOTW players of this week of FIFA 22 are available in packs starting from 19 tonight, until the same time next Wednesday!

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