Figurama announces the statue of Claymore “Teresa vs. Priscilla ”

Figurama announces the statue of Claymore “Teresa vs.  Priscilla ”

Figurama Collectors is honored to announce Teresa vs. Priscilla Elite Exclusive Statue, inspired by their epic battle from the Claymore manga!

From the 2002 manga created by cartoonist Norihiro Yagi: Claymore, Figurama Collectors officially announced his next statue. The sculpture will represent the epic battle between Teresa e Priscilla.

Figurama announces the statue of Claymore “Teresa vs. Priscilla ”

The statue Teresa vs. Priscilla Elite Exclusive will be officially presented in the event “Figurama Festival”Which will be held in Japan on February 20 and 21 (to find out how to follow it you can click here).

After a small teaser, which portrayed Teresa’s hand with sword in hand, as well as Priscilla’s arm, Figurama officially revealed the statue through a series of images.

Teresa vs. Priscilla Elite Exclusive Statue commemorates one of the manga’s most memorable encounters. Teresa wields Clare’s cast metal claymore. In the midst of the carnage of the battlefield lie two of the hydra heads, beheaded by Priscilla during the battle, as well as the three swords belonging to Roxanne, Cassandra and Hysteria. The pedestal pays homage to Claymore’s grotesque beauty. The purity of the Twin Goddesses of love, from which Teresa and Clare are named, contrasts with the victims of Priscilla, the body in transformation and Yoma. Five die-cast metal blades segment the base, representing the clash between Teresa and the four Claymores sent to execute her at the beginning of the story (Priscilla, Sophia, Irene, and Noel), a pivotal moment that led to Priscilla’s wickedness. Figurama Collectors is proud to release the exclusive statue of Teresa vs. Priscilla Elite, limited to 800 pieces Worldwide. Each 1/6 scale collectible includes an exclusive art print and autographed certificate of authenticity from Figurama Collectors CEO, Mr. Shanab, and 3D artist Carlos Cruz.

The statue will be physically displayed on February 20th, on the first day of the event! We can already anticipate that pre-orders will be open on February 27th, all 15:00 Italian time. To be updated promptly, however, we recommend that you add the statue to your wish list, through this link.

What do you think of this announcement? We believe that for Claymore fans it will be a real must have! We remind you to keep following the pages to stay up to date on the world of collecting, gaming and much more!

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