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Fiido: news coming in 2023 with Fiido E-bikes and more!

News coming for the Fiido brand, and not only for the E-bike range, for 2023 there will be news in terms of company philosophy

Fiido has become a new brand“, this is how the international brand expert in the production of electric vehicles begins in an official press release. In fact, Fiido, which over the years has conquered the global market and the trust of consumershas adapted to the needs of the latest trends to gain more and more customer trust, and consequently has updated the official site, introducing a more elegant and refined interface, with significant differences compared to the previous version. And, with a new overall philosophy that will apply to all future Fiido electric mobility vehicles.

In 2020 and 2021 Fiido successfully harvested two crowd-funding projects million-dollar, ahead of the launch of two innovative folding electric bicycles – the D11 and the Fiido X. These two essential electric bicycles have won an astonishing loyalty from Fiido’s customers. This indicated that Fiido was primarily focused on city commuters and that folding electric bicycles were the cornerstone.

New arrivals for the Fiido brand by 2023!

The Fiido team has focused on creating new experiences for cyclists, providing something new and different from previous models. The team has begun work on building an intelligent ecosystem that connects Fiido E-Bike bicycles and electronic scooters with mobile devices and smartwatches to increase participation in cycling. This health-oriented ecosystem will integrate cycling into users’ lifestyle, enabling them to interact with like-minded people in their daily lives without geographical and spatial limitations. Users will be able to control and ride their bicycle or scooter, monitor their health and surround themselves with a high-value social circle. Each user will be able to appreciate the contribution of the bicycle to their health, to their life and your social interactions by connecting Fiido’s bicycles and electric scooters all’APP and to users’ smartwatches.

The new product range is at the forefront of the e-bike sector with innovative models that cover users of all age groups. The C21 and C22 are advanced city e-bikes with a minimalist design and extremely agile performance thanks to electric assistance. An example of innovative exterior design and powerful performance is the advanced two-wheeled SUV Titan, while M31 is the first series of High-end EMTB with mid-drive motor, exciting prospects despite the small number of technical specifications released at this stage.

We will see what will be the news in terms of electric mobility by Fiido for 2023, with E-Bikes and more, at the moment the latest products can act as a light, for what will be the new road, by interpreting the direction, definitely is the new Q2, dynamic e-scooters, which differs from the previous models, equipped with a 1200W dual motor and a 1252.8Wh removable battery, designed for high-traffic urban roads, makes the Q2 suitable for riders looking for high-performance sit-on e-scooters. But also the Fido Kidz, push electric bike for children aged between 3 and 8 years. This amazing push electric bicycle it will be the first model on the market to use parental control mode.

Fiido for the moment officially declares that all new products will be released and can be pre-ordered in March. If you want to keep learning about the latest news from the world of Electronics, keep following us. Greetings from