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Final Fantasy Tactics: rumors speak of a Remaster

It seems that Final Fantasy Tactics could soon receive a remaster, according to a rumor. Let’s find out the details in this news

While the fans are enjoying the very recent Theatrhythm Final Bar Line (by the way, if you missed it you can find our dedicated article at this link) rumors are starting to circulate about the possible return of another beloved spin-off of the famous JRPG saga par excellence . In the past few hours, in fact, some rumors have begun to circulate on the net regarding the possible arrival of a remaster of Final Fantasy Tactics, the very successful strategic title released in 1998 on the original PlayStation.

New rumors about a possible remaster of Final Fantasy Tactics

After the popular Tactics Ogre Reborn (of which you can find our review here), it seems that Square Enix is ​​willing to re-propose another classic of turn-based strategy. To fuel the rumors about the hypothetical arrival of this remaster it would seem to have been a developer of the aforementioned Theatrhythm, who, in an interview, seems to have declared that the Final Fantasy Tactics team is working on another project. Although the nature of the latter is not clear, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier also fueled the rumors.

Final Fantasy Tactics: rumors speak of a Remaster

The latter, generally considered a rather reliable source, in response to a tweet from a user regarding the return of the famous strategic title, seems to have replied that it is on the way. There are currently no further details on the matter, therefore, as always in these cases, the advice is to take this news with a grain of salt, as it is currently unconfirmed rumors. All that remains is to wait for official declarations, which will in all probability arrive in the course of the next few months.

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