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Michelin CrossClimate 2, our test drive on snow

We started from the valley carved out by the Adda river, where the sun warmed the fields around us above 15 degrees, and then climbed in the middle of a suggestive forest to test the tires on the snow. A rapid climate change, which however many motorists experience during the winter – perhaps leaving the city for a weekend in the snow. The perfect situation to try in a snowy test drive the Michelin CrossClimate 2, the second generation of all-season, which this year is enriched with new dimensions. In this article we tell you about our driving experience.

Michelin CrossClimate 2, our test drive on snow

Motorists are increasingly choosing all-season tyres. Silvia Vergani, B2C Marketing Director Michelin Italy, explains to us with the numbers in hand: the tire market is growing in all segments by +6.3%, but the all-season scores +9%. A trend that continues: since 2015, the market for all-season tires has seen a huge increase of +203.5%suffering a single decline in 2020 – but only by 4%, in the face of an auto market blocked by the pandemic.

The date of 2015 is not chosen by chance in the data that Vergani reports to us: that is the year of the launch of the CrossClimate line by Michelin, which is now experiencing a total renewal with the second generation. New dimensions will arrive in 2023, to adapt to all needs.

silvia vergani michelin minSilvia Vergani, Marketing Director B2C Michelin Italy

Tires that arrive to meet different needs – we appreciate the simplicity of not having to change tire sets twice a year for simple laziness. But Michel wanted to certify with 3BMeteo that all-season tires give a response to the changing climate.

Tires for a changing climate

During his presentation before the test drive in Valtellina, Vergani brought us several statistics made by 3BMeteo regarding climate change in major Italian cities, to see how needs have changed – even for motorists. The progressive increase in average temperatures and the decrease in snowfall is evident. But they stay high days with average temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius, as well as the frosts. Especially in Northern Italy, as this graph shows.

3b weather climate change min

The result is that fewer people face snow-laden winters. But more and more motorists have to manage sudden temperature changeseven within a single day.

More and more tires are needed which, like the Michelin CrossClimate 2, are positioned at the top of their category in tests for wet, dry and snowy surfaces. Vergani explains “our four-season offer meets the needs of motorists who increasingly find themselves facing weather conditions that change suddenlyand, regardless of the season”.

In fact, “Notwithstanding that the seasonal change is the most suitable solution for those who often drive in places with temperatures close to or below zero and/or with frequent snowfalls, CrossClimate 2 represents the safest and most advantageous solution for those who observe this practice, but opt ​​for poor quality tyres”.

Without forgetting the greater comfort. In fact, Vergani explains that the CrossClimates are “the right equipment also for those who they experience the seasonal change as a nuisance and who for this reason choose to keep summer or winter tires on their vehicle all year round, with the consequent risks“.

A renewed range, for every type of vehicle

michelin crossclimate test drive 2 min

Our test drive in the mountains of Valtellina therefore becomes a perfect opportunity to test the Michelin all-season tires, going from a mild winter temperature up to get to dirty the tires with snow.

But to make the test even more interesting, Michelin gave us the possibility to check the tire performance on different vehicles, from small cars to station wagons to compact SUVs. This is because the Michelin CrossClimate 2 range is very varied, as Michelin’s B2C product manager explains, Anthony DiBenedetto.

Already the CrossClimate 2 they have the ability to work best for small, medium, compact and crossover cars. This range, first launched in 2021, has inherited the legacy of the first CrossClimates with scientific efficiency. In fact, by carrying out tests with external bodies, it results al top of the industry in six out of nine categorieshowever arriving on the podium in all the line.

The CrossClimate 2 SUVarrived last year, are instead leaders in 8 out of 8 categories, from wet (worn or not) to ship and dry braking, as well as by mileage. Michelin then also launched the lines Agile CrossClimate, for commercial vehicles and vans, excellent for e-commerce and city center deliveries. And then there is CrossClimate Campingdesigned for campers.

This line allowed Michelin to sell 5 million tires in Italy. And in 2023 new dimensions will also arrive, expanding the offer by 10%, coming to equip SUV in 21 and 22 inches.

crossclimate michelin test drive 2 minAnthony DiBenedettoB2C product manager at Michelin

Di Benedetto explains that all these variants are comparable in efficiency to a summer tyre, despite having the M+S marking and 3PMSF certification (3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake), which allows year-round use while complying with regulations.

So much so that, as Vergani explains, ten car manufacturers and over twenty models choose the second generation of CrossClimate for the original equipmentamong which there are also very popular models on the Italian streets.

But how do the Michelin CrossClimate 2 perform during our test drive?

The reasons for the success of Michelin CrossClimate 2 are all there: climate change that imposes sudden changes in temperature, an expanding range and increasing sales – but how does it perform in test drives?

He mixes it Thermal Adaptive Compoundwhich allows you to work best from -10 to +30 degrees Celsius, it allowed us to tackle different types of terrain without hearing tire noise. Which first crossed the dirt road of the agritourism from which we started, and then switched to asphalt as we climbed to higher altitudes. We really liked the fit in the returns, even when the asphalt started to get a little dirty with snow.

Arrived above a thousand meters, thanks to the shade of a forest (among other things wonderful), we were able to move on a small snowy square. The grip on the snow compressed by the cars that arrived before us was excellent, the braking (also thanks to the technology V-Share e MaxTouch Costruction to maximize the footprint) immediate.

test drive michelin crossclimate 2 min

Equipped with a very light SUV, we tried to go a little further, arriving at the branch of some CAI mountain paths. Pretty fresh snow did not scare the Michelin tires. In one point, where the presence of a stone caused them to lose grip for a second, the tires immediately took over the ground. The feeling of safety so it was total.

Test passed for Michelin CrossClimate 2: a flexible and comfortable solution

Winter tires will remain the solution for those who often travel in snowy areas and face continuous frosts. But who lives in the city or in the plains he needn’t be afraid to use them to go skiing (maybe not really taking the car on the track!). On our morning test drive in the snow, the Michelin CrossClimate 2 performed more than well.

If you add the convenience of not having to change tyres (we repeat, we are very lazy), these all-seasons seem an ideal solution for many motorists. That they stay safe and perform well, without having to double set of tyres. You can find more information on the Michelin website. And tackle any type of journey with these tires – and any type of climate.

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