Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster: release date announced

Square Enix has announced the release date of the Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster on mobile platforms and on PC through Steam

For some time Final Fantasy fans have wanted a remaster or remake of the first historical titles of the saga, now heavily affected by the passing of the years and definitely difficult to find through “legally acceptable” methods. During E3 this summer, Square Enix announced the arrival of some Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters on PC and mobile, with the release of each game in individual way.

Clearly, this has led to discontent in the fringes of those who play on other consoles, but it is not yet said that these re-editions will not reach at some point also on the other home platforms. In fact, on the same site of Square Enix it was indicated how the Pixel Remasters could have been extended to other systems if there were sufficient demand, justifying its absence by highlighting the difficulties in making a remaster for such dated titles.

The release date of the Pixel Remaster of Final Fantasy V

The Pixel Remasters of Final Fantasy I, II and III were already released on July 28, while the fourth chapter was released in early September. Now, the official date for the release of Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster, originally released in 1992, has also been announced. It will be available on Steam, iOS and Android, and as it has been for previous episodes it will introduce a pixel graphics update of characters, backgrounds and designs in general, along with a rearranged soundtrack under the watchful eye of Nobuo Uematsu and revamped gameplay, which includes a more modern UI and options to set automatic mode of battles.

In addition, improvements have also been made to the game experience, which should be the ability to save the game at any time, the inclusion of bestiaries, image gallery and a player to play music. The game will be available on November 10, and those who pre-purchase the game will also receive a 20% discount on two wallpapers and three rearranged songs: Final Fantasy V Main Theme, Battle on the Great Bridge, A New World. There is also the bundle of the series on Steam, which allows you to access all the pixel remasters released so far, along with the sixth chapter when this comes out.

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