Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: players will explore a “very free” open world

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: annunciato il titolo della seconda parte

Absolute independence outside the walls of Midgar: the open world of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will give “a lot of freedom”, promises Naoki Hamaguchi

Although of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth you continue to know quite little, the director Naoki Hamaguchi promised that the (now presumable) open world of the game will have “many facets” and will give “a lot of freedom” to the players. In case a reminder is needed on the matter, the remake of the seventh chapter will be a project divided into several episodes, and the still unpublished one will follow in the footsteps of the initial phase in Midgar which served as the incipit to the original game. Hamaguchi’s comments do not definitively confirm aopening for the game world on a par with other recently seen titles. However, mentioning the very high degree of freedom given to the player seems to suggest that the sense of wonder will remain unchanged. The full sentence speaks of how “Players will be able to travel the large and multifaceted world with a lot of freedom, experiencing a myriad of different stories.”

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: will we have a real open world or not?

Hamaguchi spoke to the foreign trade press about the project two years ago, defining a challenge the possibility of allowing players to experience the same amazement of leaving Midgar in the new adventure. “As for improvements, or rather ‘changes’, we will continue – as the episode to come will involve Cloud and company as they leave Midgar and then explore the map, and the next challenge will be to create gameplay capable of making the vastness of the game world, compared to what was done with [Final Fantasy VII Remake].” He director Tetsuya Nomura chimed in that Cloud would be doing “several runs through the trees.” Everything seems to point towards a more open second episode, but we’ll have to wait until more confirmations to find out more.

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