Final Fantasy XIV celebra i suoi primi 8 anni con una torta thumbnail

Final Fantasy XIV celebrates its first 8 years with a cake

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online celebrates its first 8 years. Square Enix has chosen to celebrate this important event with an exclusive birthday cake. The culinary phenomenon created the cake Kim-Joy, star of The Great British Bake Off. The cake dedicated to FINAL FANTASY XIV Online consists of three layers. It is, in fact, a lemon sponge covered with butter cream and decorations that reproduce some characters known to the players.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online turns 8 and celebrates the event with an exclusive cake made by Kim-Joy

The cake made for 8 years of FINAL FANTASY XIV is made up of several elements that celebrate the game and, more generally, the whole series. It is a lemon sponge covered in butter cream and celebratory decorations dedicated to the main characters of the series. Among the protagonists we find Cactuar, Sabotender and Gianttender, made as gingerbread cookies, and i Fat Chocobo, made from tangzhong bread and placed on a blue and white watercolor background representing the sky. Also present are the decorations and Spriggan, made of mochi and filled with custard while the decoration on top is a mochi covered with dark icing.

Meanwhile, to celebrate the event, until September 9, players will be able to travel to the Steps of Nald in the city of Ul’dah to help Jakkya.

The cake on video

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