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Final Fantasy XIV Online: What’s New in Patch 6.3

Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.3 is available, let’s find out all the news together in this news dedicated to the Square Enix title

Today Square Enix has added new challenges and many new features to the acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Online with the arrival of patch 6.3: “Gods Revel, Lands Tremble“. The adventures of the Warrior of Light continue in patch 6.3 with new main story missions. In addition, you can test your strength and skills in a new 8-player trial on Normal or Extreme difficulty, a new 24-player alliance raid, a dungeon or the new Ultimate raid, which will be released with patch 6.31 .

Final Fantasy XIV Online: many new features with patch 6.3

Here are the main details and the main novelties present in Final Fantasy XIV Online with the brand new patch 6.3:

  • New main story missions: in the darkness of the Thirteenth, the Warrior of Light finds an unexpected new ally: Zero, a creature of the void with human features. Zero will return to the Source for some time together with the Warrior of Light, and, having recovered from the most recent Trials, the two will prepare to continue their search for Azdaja. However, a terrible threat stands in their way…
  • New 24 Player Alliance Raid (Myths of the Realm, Part 2: Euphrosyne): The Twelve, the guardian deities of Eorzea, seek to satisfy their enigmatic aspirations, and to do so they say they must fight against men. To uncover the truth, you and your companions will set out once again to their heavenly abode in the Phantom Realm…
  • New Dungeon (Lapis Manalis): a visit to an abandoned village hidden in the heart of the Garlemald mountains, where their inhabitants once practiced the reaper arts, will prove to be much more eventful than expected. What will you find deep inside the mountain?
  • New 8 Player Trial (Normal/Extreme): The search for Azdaja continues, at least until a powerful new enemy seeks to oppose…
  • Nuovo raid Ultimate – The Omega Protocol (Ultimate) (patch 6.31): What if Omega’s relentless experiments continued and led to the elusive answer he sought? The minstrel’s words invite you to imagine this scenario (to understand what would have happened) and to follow the experiment to its conclusion.
  • Nuovo trial Unreal – Containment Bay P1P6 (Unreal): as usual, the false commander is looking for new daring and daredevil stories. To fulfill his requests, you must go back to your incredible encounter with the eikon Sophia. The memories are still very clear, and you find yourself facing divinity again, with your life hanging in the balance…
  • Updates to the Duty Support system: Support for the remaining dungeons from the Heavensward™ main story (The Great Gubal Library, The Aetherochemical Research Facility, The Antitower, Sohr Khai, Xelphatol and Baelsar’s Wall), so you can complete them together with a group of allied NPCs.
  • New Side Quests (Tataru’s Grand Endeavor): When Tataru receives an unexpected proposal for a collaboration with an acquaintance in the Far East, they will call you to join the negotiations for reasons beyond your understanding…

  • Tales of Newfound Adventure – Aggiornamenti per l’Island Sanctuary: Return to Heaven, where a new landmark, new pets, new ranks, and unlockables await you. We’ve also made various improvements to the UI and more based on player feedback. It’s the perfect time to explore your island!
  • Gold Saucer – A new Leap of Faith path: from the depths of the Black Shroud appears a noble challenge for those who want to demonstrate that they have incredible athletic skills. Can you fly as fast as a sylph?
  • Various updates: a new treasure hunt dungeon, various retainer changes, a new Crystalline Conflict PvP arena, new custom deliveries and more.
  • New Tribal Quest (Loporrit): Now that the moon is no longer needed for interstellar evacuation, a myriad of new little voices are looking for a new purpose. Luckily for the spaceship’s crew, their Dreamingway is not a creature to stress easily and is determined to help any Loporrit find its way.
  • New Deep Dungeon (Eureka Orthos): At the end of the Third Astral Era, when the ancient Allagan Empire was at the height of its glory, researchers delved into the depths of the Crystal Tower to uncover secrets that could help their homeland reach even greater heights. Their laboratory was called “Eureka Orthos”, and in this place the impossible concepts of immortality, cloning and the domination of all that was divine became reality. Their research was so incredible that the legend of Eureka has been passed down from age to age, and now the star’s first adventurer will have to unearth the lab’s buried secrets.
  • Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures: After experiencing a series of surreal misadventures on the moon, Inspector Hildibrand has returned to the surface of the star. Along with his eclectic crew, he sets out to search for Master PuPu’s missing companion, a task that will attract the attention of old acquaintances, both affable and annoying.
  • Weapon Upgrade Missions (Manderville Weapons): Lord Godbert painstakingly deciphered his ancestor’s manual to attempt to recreate the magnificent Manderville weapons. While some cryptic code has stood in his way for a long time, the key to advancing the augmentation process is finally in his well-manicured hands!

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