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Kevin Spacey: the return in a new film by Franco Nero

Kevin Spacey, for the first time after the legal troubles and the ostracism of Hollywood, returns to acting in the new film by Franco Nero “The man who drew God”

After the well-known judicial troubles, which ended in an acquittal, Kevin Spacey has struggled to find a place in the cinema. Despite the undeniable talent and numerous awards, many have not had the courage to cast the actor whose name is, and probably will remain, linked to slanderous accusations. While many others were afraid, the Italian director Franco Nero has decided to give a chance to Kevin Spacey, who will return in a new film shot in Turin: The man who drew God.

The great American actor, 63 years old, two Oscars and a legendary and chameleonic career, therefore speaks for the first time in five years. Very long years in which he ended up on trial overwhelmed by the #MeToo movement, tried for sexual harassment and was banned from Hollywood. Ridley Scott came to erase it from All the money in the world after filming is already over and reshot the film from scratch with Christopher Plummer. Spacey was also kicked out of House of Cards in which he had the lead role, with the consequence of wrecking the series. Now the ostracism seems to be over. The man who designed God brought the actor back to the cinema and gave him the strength to start over.

Kevin Spacey: the return in a new film by Franco Nero

Kevin Spacey: a new film and others on the horizon

Kevin Spacey’s career could therefore find a new impetus. In sight there would be 3 or 4 films, including Once upon a Time in Croatia about Croatian President Franjo Tudjman, Peter Five Eight, Control. Spacey, who will hold a masterclass at the Turin Cinema Museum on Monday 16 January, expressed his emotions for future projects.

The man who drew God, produced in collaboration with RaiCinema, will be released in cinemas in February, preceded by a preview in Rome on January 18, 2022. The Oscar-winning actress is also in the cast Faye Dunaway, Massimo Ranieri, Stephanie Rocca. Next to Nero who plays a blind professor, Spacey plays a commissioner who arrests an alleged molester and then releases him because he is innocent. A small but significant role, because it marks the return of a great talent to cinema.

Like all actors, I go where the work is. But to tell the truth, it was Franco Nero’s decision to sign me that made me accept the proposal. He was courageous, while many others were afraid. My gratitude to him will be forever.

With these words, the American actor thanked the Italian director, also confirming his intention to continue his commitment on the big screen. A new film could therefore give a second chance to Kevin Spacey.

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