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Final Fantasy XVI classified in Brazil: news on the upcoming release date?

In the past few hours, the news has begun to circulate on the net that Final Fantasy XVI has been classified in Brazil: will the release date really be revealed soon, perhaps at The Game Awards 2022?

December has arrived, the end of this anxious and painful 2022 is approaching and we are starting to sum up, but this does not mean that interesting video games will not come out over the next month. We will soon be able to get our hands on the highly anticipated The Callisto Protocol, while a few days later the nostalgic and new followers after the release of the Remake will be able to experience the emotions of Zack’s epic adventure in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion again. However, Square Enix has another elephant in the hat to account for: Final Fantasy XVI and its not yet announced release date. Perhaps, however, some news is on the way.

The most recent rumors indicated December 8 as the date of arrival of new information on Final Fantasy XVI, the evening in which The Game Awards 2022 will be held. And it is news of the last few hours that the Brazilian classification body, the ” Brazilian Indicative Classification System”, ranked the new chapter of the final fantasy of Square Enix as “not recommended for children under 16” due to “sexual content, sensitive issues and violence”. While the rating doesn’t necessarily indicate that the game is about to arrive, it gives more hope to all those who would like to see that generic “summer 2023” transform into something more specific.

From Brazil a new entry for Final Fantasy XVI: the game has been classified, news coming?

In a recent interview, Naoki Yoshida (Final Fantasy XVI producer) confirmed that the game’s release date would be announced later this yearalso stating that the team had reached the final stages of development:

On the development side, the team managed to get around the corner and into the final bottlenecks, and are currently focusing their efforts on debugging, tweaking, polishing and optimization. […] As the game nears its completion, the team has focused its attention on the final fixes. Now that things are starting to really take shape, the game is turning into something really special.

And we really hope for something special. Meanwhile we continue to wait: a reassuring voice has also come from Brazil for Final Fantasy XVI, so now we just have to wait for the last big event of this year. Tune in with us at TechGameWorld.com on December 8th: we’ll have a lot to tell you. And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we advise you to take a look at the InstantGaming catalogue!

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