Final Fantasy XVI: New Game Plus and endgame officially revealed

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Well yes, Final Fantasy XVI will have both a substantial endgame and a juicy New Game Plus: here are the details from Square-Enix’s Ryota Suzuki

Without spoilers of any kind in terms of plot, Square-Enix talked about the end-game activities that await the players of Final Fantasy XVIfrom the typical endgame up to a New Game Plus which already promises to be full-bodied. The combat director Ryota Suzuki he unbuttoned the matter with the foreign trade press, revealing that restarting the adventure after having concluded it will change (among other things) the positioning of certain enemies to throw some more curveballs at the public. “The design philosophy,” reveals Suzuki, “consists of a first run where he gets to know Clive, learning the controls and enjoying the story.” And the… story changes (metaphorically speaking) once we start again from the end credits.

After the endgame, the Final Fantasy XVI New Game Plus will put us to the test

Continuing, Suzuki reveals that “The second run shifts the focus from the story – unchanged – of Final Fantasy XVI to the action. In the story mode it is possible to come across hordes of enemies who, however, will face us one at a time. These restrictions no longer exist in the more difficult modes, and therefore Clive will be attacked by multiple opponents simultaneously. This soulslike twist on the part of the gameplay responds to the name of Final Fantasy Mode, and points to a constant sense of danger. Furthermore, the end-game challenges will be the most difficult available, and will also allow you to upgrade accessories (in addition to weapons) to face waves of opponents with a “tremendous” boss at the end, without the possibility of healing. We’ll see how we do with the leaderboards when the game comes out, just on PS5il June 22, 2023.

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