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Final Fantasy XVI: the first previews of the game are coming

According to new rumors, the first previews of Final Fantasy XVI will be released soon, full of details on the game and much more

Final Fantasy XVI is one of the biggest releases of the year despite the fact that the 2023 is already full of upcoming titles. According to new rumors, several interesting details are on the way to the highly anticipated role-playing game created by Square Enix and could arrive sooner than you might imagine. According to a recent rumor which circulates on Reddittwo Italian reviewers stated that previews of Final Fantasy XVI will be released soonwith the embargo set for the end of this month.

The first previews of Final Fantasy XVI are coming!

Interestingly, there have been other rumors that Square Enix has held a recent Final Fantasy XVI preview event in Tokyo. Lo YouTuber SkillUp confirmed on Twitter that he was in Tokyo on a job he couldn’t talk about until later this month. Meanwhile, a deleted tweet from Andy Robinson of VGC also said that previews for the RPG would be released soon.

Final Fantasy XVI: the first previews of the game are coming

Recall that Final Fantasy XVI will be launched for PS5 on June 22nd and we can’t wait to try this new chapter of the saga that is shaping up a memorable adventure full of twists and turns. Additionally, Square Enix has also previously stated that it plans to release a demo for the game shortly before its launch that we will surely try to have our say on the first impressions of the title.

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