Final Fantasy XVI: versione demo in arrivo prima del lancio

Final Fantasy XVI: the game world shown in a trailer

We finally got to see some glimpses of the game world in a brand new trailer for Final Fantasy XVI

Since its official announcement, which took place during a PS5 Showcase two years ago, the last awaited title of Square Enix’s historic JRPG saga has caused a lot of talk. After the recent official statements regarding the effective duration of this new chapter, other new and juicy information is now on its way. Indeed, in the recent trailer released on the net, all the fans who are waiting for Final Fantasy XVI can finally take an in-depth look at the game world.

The game world shown in a brand new trailer for Final Fantasy XVI

Valisthea. This is the name of the game world that we will be able to explore in Final Fantasy XVI, and of which we have finally been able to admire some interesting glimpses. Considering the importance of the setting in this genre of games, it is not surprising how the developers have decided to dedicate a video to this aspect of their next work. And it must be said that the widespread images leave no room for doubt about the software house’s commitment to creating a setting that aims to be absolutely impactful.

In fact, in the presentation we can admire landscapes that seemed truly suggestive and fascinating to us, as well as built with great skill. Those who were looking for a more fantasy-oriented setting can only be satisfied with what is shown. All that remains is to wait for the release of the game to be able to try it first hand and see if this new adventure will be able to satisfy the great expectations of fans from all over the world.

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