Mourning in the cinema: the actor Ivano Marescotti has died

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Actor Ivano Marescotti died at the age of 77 after a long illness. Originally from Villanova di Bagnacavallo, he leaves behind his wife Erika and daughter Iliade

Mourning in the world of cinema. The Italian actor passed away after a long illness Ivan Marescotti at the age of 77. Originally from Villanova di Bagnacavallo, he leaves behind his wife Erika (whom he had married a year ago), and daughter Iliade (born in his previous marriage).

Admitted to the civil hospital of Ravenna due to the worsening of his physical conditions linked to a serious illness; Ivano Marescotti had retired from the television scene about a year ago to take care of the acting school he had previously inaugurated.Mourning in the cinema: the actor Ivano Marescotti has died

Ivano Marescotti: career and the most iconic roles

Born February 4, 1946; Ivan Marescotti he managed to enter the imagination (and in everyone’s heart) for his great dedication and passion for the acting world. After being hired as a clerk in the Urban Planning office in the Municipality of Ravenna; he begins to take his first steps in the artistic panorama at the age of 35 in 1981; performing in local theaters and joining several major theater companies. The debut in the cinema comes a few years later (in 1989), taking part in the erotic comedy The belt, together with the leading actress Eleonora Brigliadori; followed by two more films by Silvio SoldiniThe peaceful air of the West (1990) and A soul divided in two (1993).

Despite the great harmony with the film set; in recent years there is no shortage of collaborations with great theater directors, such as Mario Martone, Charles Cecchi, George Albertazzi e many others. Also iconic supporting roles played alongside very famous great actors: from Roberto Benigni in Johnny Toothpick and The Monster; to Checco Zalone in I fall from the clouds e What a beautiful daya Aldo John e Giacomo in The legend of Al John and Jack.

A rich and long-lasting career, which earned dozens of awards including six Silver Ribbon nominations; the last won in 2004 for her performance as the protagonist in the short film, Life insurance Of Thomas Cariboni and Augusto Modigliani. Among the latest films by Ivano Marescotti, we mention Bar Giuseppe directed by Julius Base.

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