First 4 Figure: The Dark Magician figure from Yu-Gi-Oh! is now available

First 4 Figure has officially launched the figure based on one of Yu-Gi-Oh’s most famous cards: the Dark Magician

The line of PVC figurines produced by First 4 Figure has made room for a new entry. Fans of card games, but especially of Yu-Gi-Oh, they will be happy to know that the new figure from the original ’96 manga / anime has come to life.

The new reproduction focuses on the Black Magician: one of the most iconic cards in the game, as well as in the anime starring Yami Yugi. Let’s now see the details of this “Yu-Gi-Oh! – Dark Magician PVC Statue“!

First 4 Figure: the Black Wizard figure arrives from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Just 2 days ago, on the official channels of F4F, a “Hype Video” that shows the statue in all its beauty. From the video we can see our Magician holding the rod while behind him there is the black magic circle, in addition to various details such as the weapon itself that glows in the dark. Available in two editions: the Purple Edition and the Blue Edition, the Magician will boast different colors.

We then have the Exclusive Edition of both versions which includes theled illumination inside the black magic circle, as well as a card that verifies its authenticity. The top reaches it, however, there Definitive Edition which boasts a height of approximately 17 inches et al PVC from which it is composed also the resin. While the Black Magician’s pose remains identical to the other versions, both the base and numerous details vary, making this statue a must-have for Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans.

The various editions of the statue are already pre-orderable at the following link! What do you think? Will you add one of these versions of the Dark Magician to your collection?

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