Fitbit Premium – the new smart training feature

Fitbit features all the new features of Fitbit Premium, including the Daily Recovery Level. Let’s find out how to take advantage of the new functions

For Fitbit, the fitness and i beyond the simple concept of physical strength. Nowadays, in fact, many people are more interested a know theirs Welfare holistic rather than to trace how many “burpee” they manage to do in a minute or how much load they lift to the bench. Sure, be physically performing it’s a synonymous from force, but the last year has taught us that we must concentrate it also on other aspects. Take us take care of ourselves it means know When push us beyond our limits, but also have the awareness to understand when stop us e to retrieve.

Fitbit Premium - the new smart training feature

Fitbit Premium: the news

With this concept in mind, Fitbit is introducing new features e tools its Fitbit Premium, in addition to the advanced tips e customized which you can already use as a member, for to reach i your health goals holistic. When associated with any device Fitbit, including the new Charge 5, experience Premium it allows to log into a a more in-depth analysis of data e statistics.

Soon, will be available on Premium the new level of Daily Recovery, which exploits the body metrics recorded by the Fitbit device, including activity, heart rate variability (HRV), and recent sleep, for to determine If it is ready to give the best of themselves: in other words, indicates whether proceed with the workout or whether, instead, to focus on physical recovery. Wearing daily your Fitbit device (even while you sleep), you will be able to receive a custom score which includes the details of what determined it with suggestions such as the recommended activity level and Premium content that can help make the best decisions for your body e optimize workouts.

The Daily Recovery is based on a study that demonstrates how it is possible to achieve better results in the long run taking time to recover rather than training relentlessly, avoiding therefore to cause overtraining O injuries and incorrectly influencing one’s mood, sleep, appetite and weight. Over time, the guided motivation that you will be able to receive with Premium will help develop a more conscious routine and in tune with your body. Daily Recovery will be available on the Fitbit app for Premium members using devices Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Charge 5, Luxe e Inspire 2.

Fitbit Premium - the new smart training feature

How the Daily Recovery Level is calculated

These three metrics they come compare respect to own baseline values, and will continue to to adapt and become more personalized over time as fitness levels change:

  • Activities (training fatigue): thanks to continuous detection of the heartbeat from the wrist, you can measure the impact of daily activity on your body. Every effort counts, from the 10 km run to the run-up of the children. Based on how hard there it is pushed the previous day, the activity level varies e customize the score according to the usual levels of effort: for example, a ‘intense bootcamp session for someone it might have a significant impact while it could be comparable to one stroll for other people. To get the maximum from the own experience, the advice is to accumulate at least 30 minutes of Minutes in the Active Zone with activities that get the heart pumping, three times a week.
  • Heart rate variability (CRO): calculated during the Deep sleep, the variability of the heartbeat is excellent metric per measure recovery. A variability heart rate higher is better, because it means that the body can switch easily from rest all’activities and viceversa. Sometimes the stress, the overexertion ol’the onset of a disease they can instead lower variability heart rate and thus affect your exercise readiness.
  • Sleep: sleep badly for a few nights it can do feel fatigued today, because sleep has a cumulative effect on one’s body. This is the reason why sleep is measured of the last few nights and not just that of the previous night.

a high score it means your own body And ready to give the best of himself, while a low score indicates that you should give priority to recovery. The algorithm is optimized to help improve the own physical form minimizing fatigue. Furthermore, the score is also accompanied by suggestions and associated Premium content – all in one place, available at the start of each day.

Fitbit Premium - the new smart training feature

Fitbit Premium: train smarter

Based on what are the fitness goals and of what it needs your own body, like membro Premium you can access more than 200 audio workouts e video to be played on smartphone or TV, when and where you want: all trainer contents certificates e famous brands come Aaptiv, barre3, Daily Burn, obé, Physique 57 e POPSUGAR.

On the days when the Daily Recovery Level And alto, you can then have all the motivation you need for get the most out of the day with a goal of minutes in the Active Zone customized e Premium workouts suggested. In the near future, it will also be possible to access 25 new exercises ad high intensity of the famous global brand of LES MILLS fitness for even more options to choose from.

Available in over 21,000 gyms worldwide, LES MILLS stands for high intensity programs science-based that can help maximize results, taught by some of the best instructors in the world. Workouts like BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK, BODYCOMBAT and others will allow you to stay motivated through a group training and they can help get your heart pumping for to reach one’s daily goal.

The Daily Recovery Level will be coming soon in 18 languages on the Fitbit app for i membri Premium using compatible devices. LES MILLS workouts are available for all Premium users, while Calm content will be available next month.

Will you try Fitbit Premium features when they become available? Let us know yours in the comments section, then I invite you to follow our mobile section so as not to miss any news or reviews.

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