The Smurfs: the new trailer reveals the power of the Smurfizer!

Through a press release, Microids has unveiled a new trailer for The Smurfs – Fel Leaf Mission which shows the incredible power of the Smurfizer, let’s see it together

After Marsupilami and the arrival of Beyond in Steel Sky on consoles, we return to talk about one of the next titles coming from Microids, The Smurfs – Mission Vileaf (The Smurfs – Mission Vileaf), of which some interesting details had already been revealed . In the past few hours, through a press release, Microids and IMPS have presented some news on the secret weapon thanks to which the Smurfs will be able to face the Felleaf, the terrible toxic weed created by Gargamel. And not only that: the seeds of the Felleaf are traps capable of trapping the Smurfs inside organic cages. In short, our mission is quite clear!

If the threat is terrible, you need a good dose of ingenuity and a portentous tool. We have the ingenuity, thanks to the Inventor Smurf, who was able to create the ultimate secret weapon of which Microids has revealed many details in the new trailer. The weapon is called the Smurfizer, built in wood and metal in order to increase its sturdiness and is perfect for the next great Smurfs adventure. We leave you the trailer disclosed by Microids right below.

The new weapon of The Smurfs, the Smurfizer, is shown with a new trailer

The Puffer is equipped with a safety shoulder strap that allows you to carry it comfortably, has an ergonomic handle for the perfect Grip and has a pump-action pollen shooter, great for vaporizing pollen over a long distance. Allows you to run, glide, destroy, suck and shoot projectile. Its fundamental function, however, is to vaporize a powerful antidote developed by Papa Smurf to treat plants infected with Felleaf.

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