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Focus A10 review: the novelty of OneOdio

In this article we will test and review the new OneOdio Focus A10. Latest news from OneOdio regarding “hybrid headphones”

Today I’m here to talk to you, after countless trials and tests, about the novelty from the house OneHate (here to visit the site), or the brand new hybrid headphones Focus A10. One of the main novelties of these headphones is given by hybrid active noise cancellation. In fact, the OneOdio A10 wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones feature advanced technology Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). Another strong point of these headphones is the battery. This allows you to remain immersed in “listening” for 45 hours. More precisely, the premium Li-ion battery provides 45 hours of listening to music, watching movies or talking in Bluetooth mode (at about 80% volume). 35 hours in Bluetooth Active Noise Cancellation. While with just one quick charge of 5 minutes gives at least 2 hours of listening. But no more talk! Now I will show you the product in its deepest details.

Focus A10 review: the novelty of OneOdio

Packaging and unboxing | Focus A10 review

Let’s start with the packaging. There Focus A10’s box is really elegant and beautiful to look at. Total black background, the company logo is shown on the front with the image of the headphones in prominence. In the back we find all the details and all the technical specifications of these hybrid headphones. Also present is the list of components included in the package. Opening the box, we notice the first pleasant surprise. The headphones are safely stored in a functional case and also really nice to look at. All black with the company logo in white. Resistant case, which is easy to transport and store, and which can be a wonderful idea for those who want to give a gift during these festive days. Inside, stored in a very safe way, there are headphones well sealed together with the other components. Indeed, in addition to the case and the Focus A10 we find the cable with double jack audio da 3.5the charging cable USB type C and the inevitable user manual.

Technical features

  • Battery: 800 mAh
  • Quick charge time: 2 ore
  • Bluetooth range: 10m/33 ft
  • Sensitivity: -42dB +/- 3dB
  • Impedance 32 Ω +/- 15%
  • Response rate: 20 HZ – 40 HZ
  • Input power: 5 VDC, 560 mA
  • Usage time (ANC + BT) : 35 ore
  • Usage time (BT only) : 45 ore
  • Usage time (ANC only): 50 hours (ANC only)

Focus A10 review: the novelty of OneOdio

Materials and Design | Focus A10 review

Speaking of aesthetics, I was quite satisfied with the work done on the Focus A10s. TOP design. Really beautiful to look at, with a great choice of colours. The materials seem really resistant to the touch (and you don’t have that feeling of fragility that you might feel with other models). The headphones appear solid, resistant, but always pleasing to the eye. And above all, don’t overlook the comfort factor. Very well adjustable, with large and comfortable earpads, they adapt perfectly to the head. You don’t feel discomfort wearing them for a long time (I only started to feel heavier after a few hours). Also recommended for people like me who wear glasses and work at the pc for a long time! Another component of these headphones that left me positively surprised are the earpads, which are really large and soft. In fact, these ultra soft ear cushions adapt very well to the ear and do not cause any discomfort during the entire period of use, making it very pleasant to wear even if prolonged.

Focus A10 review: the novelty of OneOdio

Audio Quality | Focus A10 review

Here we come to the most important factor, and that is the audio quality of these Focus A10. After various tests, both on the PC and on various smartphones (Android and IOS), I can consider myself enough fulfilled. Music reproduced impeccably (I have never felt the presence of micro-tunes during use), both using the cable and with the Bluetooth connection. The same goes for movie and video audio. The only flaw, the maximum volume is not satisfactory. The external noise cancellation system is also excellent; in fact how much when it is active it really seems that you are isolated from the rest of the world, helping you to concentrate 100% on what you are listening to. The dual noise detection microphones they absorb and filter up to 95% of ambient noise at low frequency. So, as far as the audio quality of these headphones is concerned, I can say that they have been a really pleasant discovery. Good spatiality, well-equalized sounds and excellent bass make the Focus A10 excellent hybrid headphones (especially if you think about the market price). Despite being mid-range headphones, there are truly remarkable audio materials.

Focus A10 review: the novelty of OneOdio

Considerations on the OneOdio Focus A10

The Focus A10 really turned out to be a pleasant surprise. In these last few days I really enjoyed “in their company”! Beautiful to look at, comfortable, they do what they were created for really well: they make LISTENING perfect. The connection has always been “ok”. Try first with a pc, they have accompanied me during long sessions of both work and leisure, always making it great. Excellent results both for listening to dialogues during movies and for music in general. Perfect in “Bluetooth” mode (they maintained an excellent connection even moving away from the device and crossing other rooms) and connected to the cable (negative note, too short). Then they were tested with various smartphones (both Android and IOS). They have “survived” long journeys, walks, and the gym, always maintaining excellent performance (especially when it comes to battery life and noise cancellation).

Focus A10 review: the novelty of OneOdio

Conclusions and prices

Focus A10 is a product that, compared to other headphones in the same price range, has left me particularly happy. As already mentioned, these hybrid headphones are perfectly suited to various uses. For those who want to spend a not very high price and still have a good product in their hands, they are really recommended. I think that at this price (available from 5 December for €78.95 on the OneOdio website) it is difficult to find a product with the same characteristics and peculiarities. In order to purchase the product and take advantage of the OneOdio offer (20% discount code used for official website only: ONE20%SP), Click here. The product is also available on Amazon.

And you? What do you think of these brand new Focus A10 headphones from OneOdio ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).


Plus points

  • Value for money
  • Sound quality
  • Battery life

Points against

  • Volume not very high
  • Audio jack cable too short

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