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Home automation lighting, the trend for 2023: what it is and how it works

Home automation lighting is a state-of-the-art lighting management system, which allows you to regulate its use in a completely personalized way thanks to the interconnection of the devices

In recent years we have heard a lot about home automation and its potential that projects us into a futuristic, increasingly automated and simple life. The term home automation refers to the branch of science that deals with the study of technological equipment aimed at improving the management of systems in homes or workplaces.

All this takes place with a close connection of the devices via the internet, allowing instantaneous and precise communication of the commands directed to the home, thus effectively entering the IoT sphere.

Home automation: a growing trend and its advantages

With the use of home automation it is possible to connect all computer and information systems to a single system connected to the network which allows to obtain various advantages such as reduced energy waste, as well as increased safety and comfort.

Increasingly on the rise, the trend for 2023 is that of home automation lighting which has been gaining ground in recent years. The only flaw foreseen in the use of this technology concerns the increase in consumption linked to the constant functioning of the devices and in particular of the Wi-Fi modem; easily circumvented, however, thanks to the choice of an offer for the light suitable for the prolonged use of the latter.

However, one of the advantages offered by home automation systems is the activation and combination of devices, all automatically, which will make it possible to reduce waste in bills often due to carelessness or poor management of lighting, appliances and air conditioning system.

All this automation also allows you to obtain an advantage in terms of comfort, being able to manage daily activities via a simple remote command from anywhere in the house or even when you are away.

In this regard, the advantages of this technology also reach the sphere of security, by installing a home automation alarm system, in fact, you will be able to keep your home under control by being able to connect via the Internet to the video surveillance system. The alarm is able to send an alert signal to both the connected smartphones and the police station in the event of entry by a thief, or in the event of potentially dangerous breakdowns such as gas leaks or water leaks.

Home automation lighting: how to install it at home

Home automation lighting is a state-of-the-art lighting management system, which allows you to regulate their use in a completely personalized way thanks to the interconnection of devices that receive signals from a centralized or remote wall control (voice commands or smartphone ).

You can decide which lights to turn on and which not in the various rooms of the house via direct command or timer, in addition, even the adjustment of intensity and color are at the user’s total discretion. Light is a fundamental aspect in homes and it is equally important to choose the most suitable light for each context.

In order to make the home state-of-the-art through home automation, you need a Wi-Fi router to which to connect a gateway which represents the crossroads for the management of home automation lighting to which all the lights in the home are connected. Therefore, all the devices will be connected to the internet, and through a centralized control device it will be possible to manage them all comfortably via voice commands or apps.

For the major lighting trends of 2023, personalization is the key concept represented by the following styles:

  • MODERN GLASS – modern and soft shapes are combined with the versatility of a material such as glass capable of taking on different appearances decorated with various color facets.
  • MODERN MESH – the use of metal mesh for the creation of this style will allow you to create intriguing plays of light and shadow in the room.
  • MODERN METAL – with characteristics opposite to those of glass, metal finds expression in the concept of matter and volume which give it a unique concreteness.
  • DESIGN – through the aluminum bars with strep led and light diffuser it is possible to obtain artistic solutions with character without abandoning lightness.
  • INDUSTRIAL – a style not for everyone, depending on its use it can be very successful or rough, which makes it excellent for those who like to dare.
  • VINTAGE – gives a sense of balance to the environment and originality to the elements.
  • NATURAL AND ETHNIC – the natural style recalls nature with the use of raw materials such as wood, while the ethnic style is more suitable for enthusiasts who want to reproduce a Latin, African or oriental cultural environment.
  • CLASSIC – this is a timeless style that will never go out of fashion as it is synonymous with great class and elegance.
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