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Forcite MK1S: the world’s first smart motorcycle helmet. Do I fall for it or do I not fall for it?

The first smart helmet makes its debut in Europe Forcite MK1S: smart, captivating design and with an edge. Will it really change the way we travel by motorcycle?

The brainchild of an Australian startup, the new Forcite MK1S smart helmet promises to literally change the way people travel on two wheels. In fact, it is a full-face helmet that already comes with the HD camera with Sony sensor, high-quality audio speaker, Bluetooth connectivity and above all it embraces the only patented system capable of communicating with the rider, giving warnings and driving directions. This little technological jewel aims to raise safety and comfort to a higher level.

How the Forcite MK1S Smart Helmet is built

Carbon fiber for the shell, 30-60 FPS 1080P HD camera with Sony IMX sensor integrated inside the chin guard, while the audio relies on two removable speakers. To complete, double microphone as intercom. Speaking of materials instead, we find a padding made of the highest quality materials that ensure a high level of breathability, while the visor is equipped with Pinlock Max Vision 120: a special anti-fog system.

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How the built-in camera works

It is a video camera that offers 1080P HD resolution with a frame rate of 30-60 FPS that mounts a 1/4′ Sony IMX sensor with military derivation. This system may seem obvious at first glance but it is not to be taken for granted. First of all, the recording autonomy is around 3 hours (a lot!). The chip on the device is a Qualcomm and all the material is recorded on microSD cards. To offer the maximum guarantee in terms of safety in the event of a collision, the batteries used are of the ceramic type. But the thing that makes everything even more special is the provision of a simple and intuitive controller to be mounted on the handlebar of the motorcycle thanks to which you have total control of the video camera as well as the smart Forcite MK1S helmet.

But why do all this? Did we need it?

You can think of it as you like, the truth is that having the actionCam mounted externally, and the intercom is a bit of a pain in the ass. The actionCam must be turned on by physically pressing the button, whether it is mounted on the helmet or in the chin guard, it is still uncomfortable and dangerous while driving. The same goes for the intercom which needs physical tactile commands without being able to see what is being pressed.

In the case of Forcite MK1S, all this is collected in the triangular mini controller positioned on the handlebar of the bike, thus increasing the degree of safety.

The real innovation: projecting indications on the visor

The real turning point this time (excuse the pun) is that the system patented by Forcite allows you to project road signs and important warnings on your visor about the road you are on, any traffic or warnings of danger. All this can be translated into audio-visual indications on the super thin LED display positioned just above the chin guard. With the Forcite App instead, motorcyclists and motorcyclists can connect in real time by absorbing information on traffic, road hazards, speed camera warnings and weather conditions. Since the community is constantly expanding, all this data is constantly updated in order to provide the pilot with the best information useful for driving.

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The accident that struck the spark

Literally, this idea was born following an accident had by one of its founders Alfred Boyadgis, who slipped on an oil stain on the asphalt. The thought was: if this danger had somehow been signaled to me sooner, I could have reacted and avoided it. So why not think of a smart helmet that warns you when there is danger ahead of you? Following this simple intuition, it took 6 years of continuously repeated work and investments of 10 million dollars to arrive at today’s result.

After-sales: Forcite support exists

Being such a technological helmet, the question arises: in the remote case of an accident or fall, with consequent damage to the helmet or some of the components, what to do? Don’t worry because Forcite offers its after-sales service. In fact, it will be possible to send your unfortunate helmet to the parent company which will carry out tests on the electronic part and replace the damaged part at no additional cost. Only the eventual replacement of the shell will be charged to the pilot.

Forcite MK1S price and availability

The Forcite MK1S Smart Helmet is available for pre-order at and select retail stores. From the list we have a substantial price of €1,300 but on promotion at €1,100 until the end of November 2022

Finally, do I fall for it or not? Well, before we fall for it we should try it for real.

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