Ford Italia presenta The W Track in occasione della Giornata della Donna thumbnail

Ford Italia presents The W Track on the occasion of Women’s Day

Ford Italia presents The W Track on the occasion of Women's Day thumbnail

Ford Italiain partnership con Monza National Circuit and Assetto Corsamade a special trackinserting the curves that make up the word Woman. On the occasion of the International Women’s Daya, the initiative aims to demonstrate how much more complex and difficult is the path that women must complete in order to pursue their goals. Here are the details:

Ford Italia celebrates International Women’s Day with The W Track

The project The W Track was created by Ford Italy in collaboration with the Monza National Circuit and Assetto Corse, a videogame created by Kunos Simulations. For International Women’s Day, a special edition of the legendary Italian circuit was created to simulate the demanding career path of women in both virtual and real competitions. Furthermore, the Ford W University project which includes days of sports driving courses on a real and virtual track reserved for women with the support of the Ford Driving University team of drivers.

Here is the official video of the initiative:

The company comment

Fabrizio Faltoni, President and CEO of Ford Italia, comments: “We are very proud to present The W Track, a project that transcends itself and launches a very strong message, aimed at promoting inclusiveness and gender equality, opening a universal gateway to one of the most competitive worlds. and fun ever, that of eSports ”

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