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Ukraine, millionaire donations from Leonardo DiCaprio and Mila Kunis

Hollywood sides with Ukraine: Leonardo DiCaprio and Mila Kunis donate millions of dollars to support the population invaded by Russia.

These are very difficult days for Ukraine, which is fiercely defending itself from Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Russia. As is often the case when it comes to sensitive social issues, Hollywood has made its voice heard, siding in support of the Ukrainian population. Many companies have boycotted Russia by blocking their exits, for example Disney, Warner and Sony. Prominent personalities from the Hollywood scene also took the field personally in support of Ukraine by providing their help and among these are Leonardo DiCaprio and Mila Kunis.

Donations from Leonardo DiCaprio and Mila Kunis

The Ukrainian news agency, Ukrinform, reported that the Oscar-winning actor for Revenant made a record donation to the country, helping both the armed resistance and the survival of the population. Many Ukrainians are in fact trying to escape from their country and others are sheltering as they can from bombs or are pushing back the enemy on the front line: DiCaprio tried to help them with a donation of well 10 million dollars.

Less than the amount donated by Mila Kunis, approx 3 million eurosbut the actress has at the same time also activated a public fundraiser together with her husband Ashton Kutcher, working personally to obtain as many donations as possible to help Ukraine in this difficult time.

Links with Ukraine by Leonardo DiCaprio and Mila Kunis

In the case of the two actors, the sensitivity for the drama of the war is also intertwined with personal reasons. There Grandmother by Leonardo DiCaprio, Elena Smirnova, was in fact originally from Odessa, one of the hot targets of the Russian army in Ukraine and therefore it is understandable that this theme is particularly close to the actor’s heart.

Mila Kunis, on the other hand, was born in Ukraine, precisely in Chernivtsi. She the actress lived until the age of 8 in Eastern Europe, then moved with her family to Los Angeles. Ukraine is part of the past and the identity of Mila Kunis, who therefore decided to help her native country personally, with a donation and a fundraiser that has set out to reach 30 million dollars.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Mila Kunis They line up in favor of Ukraine, as virtually all of Hollywood has done. To find out about other initiatives and stay updated on the world of cinema and TV series, follow our site.

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