Foreclosed: Launch Trailer Available!

Available from today Foreclosed, a new creature from Merge Games, let’s see together the launch trailer and the main features of the game

Available from today, August 12, 2021, Foreclosed, the new title Merge Games, of which we will soon also see the launch trailer. In the wake of the “success” of Cyberpunk 2077, another adventure is ready to make us dive again into a futuristic and dystopian context with, however, a decidedly peculiar character and personality. Let’s find out together.

Foreclosed: launch trailer and title features

Foreclosed è un’action-adventure story-driven and set in a dystopian world full of action, suspense, and experimental cybernetic implants. The unique and immersive style will make players feel like real ones comic book heroes. The game combines the deep interactivity and the great playful value of videogames with the aesthetics of comics: all the game sequences, from the most interactive to the most cinematic, take place in the stylistic context typical of the graphic novel. All these elements are visible in the Foreclosed launch trailer:

In Foreclosed we will follow the misadventures of Evan Kapnos, whose identity was recently foreclosed, and with it his job and access to the Blockchain and most public services. Evan is now forced to find a way to escape the city before his plants are auctioned off. We will also find ourselves dealing with Hi-tech fights in which we will combine the skills of our protagonist with weapons such as the Symbiotic Gun.

Foreclosed, we repeat, is available starting today on Steam, Epic, Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One e Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned to for all the news from the gaming world and beyond. Take a look at Instant Gaming to buy video games at a discounted price.

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