Twitch: new measures are coming for hate messages in chat

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The well-known streaming site reviews the functioning of the filtering system for offensive words in chat, and promises to implement additional control tools by the end of the year. Here’s how Twitch is fighting the spread of hate on the net, starting with chat on its own platform.

Hate is rampant on Twitch and the platform announces measures

Twitch is at the forefront of fighting hate online. In fact, according to what was reported in these hours by, the popular streaming site would be about to implement new chat monitoring systems.

In a Twitter thread, the company responded to numerous fans who had complained about “botting, hate raids and other forms of harassment”, hinting at some of the countermeasures being launched.

In another tweet, the team said they have identified some vulnerabilities in proactive chat filters. In practice, we are talking about those systems capable of detecting any words attributable to hate speech in chat. Twitch also said that an update program is underway to fix these bugs.

“You are asking us to do better and we know that we must do more to address these problems,” tweeted the famous portal violet.

Also according to, the tweets are likely a response to both the hashtag #TwitchDoBetter, which has become a trend on the blue social network. PC Gamer reports how several streamers have complained that lately entire groups of users tend to invade the streams to monopolize chats with hate or insult messages. Many of these messages include sex discrimination, such as a demand for gay people to be publicly executed.

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