Formula 1: Red Bull launches investigation into Christian Horner

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It would appear that Red Bull has launched an investigation into Christian Horner, former Formula 1 driver and team principal of the team, due to incorrect and harassing behavior towards a female member of the team

They keep coming from the world of Formula 1 bombshell news which took the whole world by surprise. The biggest news is obviously Hamilton switching to Ferrari, hurting Mercedes due to bad timing. Another bombshell news that has arrived in the last few days is a case of investigation by Red Bull on Christian Horner, historic Formula 1 driver and team principal of the Red Bull team. The news came from Holland, and he reported that the Milton Keynes team is in a very delicate moment. Dutch journalist Erik van Haren revealed the news and confirmation also came from the German newspaper F1insider, admitting the existence of the investigation.

Formula 1: Red Bull launches investigation into Christian Horner

Formula 1: what is Christian Horner accused of by Red Bull?

The accusation against the team manager would come directly from an employee of the team, but the real reason why the investigation started still remains a mystery. There is a “but”: as reported by Bild, Horner would be accused of sending inappropriate photos to a female member of the team, who should have filed a complaint just last week, complete with incriminating material. It also appears that Horner was politely asked to resign from his role. The issue has become very serious, so much so that a external lawyer to analyze the situation and make sure it’s all true. Red Bull cares particularly about its team and does not take these situations lightly. We will definitely talk about it again next time February 15the date on which they will present to the world the RB20a new single-seater designed by Adrian Newye, which they will entrust to the three-time world champion Max Verstappen it’s at Sergio Perezwho has a contract that expires at the end of the 2024 season.

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