Forspoken: High quality graphics thanks to AMD’s FSR

A short time ago AMD’s new rendering technology was introduced. Today Takeshi Aramaki, producer of Luminous Production, confirms that Forspoken will use the new FSR from AMD

We know practically nothing about Forespoken. After its presentation at one of the past Sony conferences, not much has been revealed other than a few short trailers. What we know today about Forspoken, previously called Project Athia, is that it is an open world with a strong fantasy component. The title is developed by Luminous Production and distributed by Square Enix. And it is Luminous Production to announce that Forespoken will take advantage of the new technology AMD call FSR.

Forespoken will have high graphics performance thanks to the FSR developed by AMD

AMD recently unveiled its new technology of rendering which will compete with Nvidia’s best known DLSS. The AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) shares the same objectives with the DLSS, albeit arriving with a different path. no more neural networks and AI but only simple upscaling algorithms. To show this technology in the field, AMD recently released a short video in collaboration with Luminous Production in which the director Takeshi Aramaki explained how, thanks to this technology, Forspoken will be able to reach i 4K / 60fps stable.

The producer also believes that AMD’s philosophy stands elevating the technical standards of the entire gaming industry and that will guarantee many benefits to the players. The Luminous team is just waiting for players to get their hands on the title and experience it graphics next gen made possible by the FSR. To conclude Aramaki states that, for Forspoken, the team is intent on achieving the most high visual quality never seen on an open world game. After Forspoken, we look forward to seeing more titles that will use AMD’s FSR technology.

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