The best video game editors

Video game videos have always dominated YouTube since its inception. As YouTube gained popularity, content creators began experimenting with different types of video game video editors.

Today we have game review videos, game news videos, game analytics content, live streaming videos, how-to videos about a range of games, and many more videos in this genre.

If you are a gamer, chances are you would have thought about creating your own video content at some point. Luckily for you, making gaming videos is easier these days than in the past.

Best video game video editors

Here are some video tools that will help you refine your gaming videos and present them in a form that has viewers hooked to your content.

Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is a powerful video editing tool that allows you to stack an infinite number of audio and video files on top of each other. Since the tool acts as both an editor and composer, you can use it for a number of VFX features that will give your gaming videos a professional touch. Hitman Express has advanced keyframing features. You can use them to create keyframes, adjust special and temporal interpolation based on the value graph.

The motion tracking capabilities of Hitfilm Express are superior to industry standards and enable high precision single and double point tracking. The special effects of Hitfilm Express include 3D effects, light flares, color quality presets, shake effects and many other features that will be useful to gamers. 3D texts, lighting and sharp images are some other features of this tool.

Another great advantage of Hitfilm Express is its customizable user interface. Here, you can swap UI elements, change keyboard shortcuts, and view parts of your composite videos without importing the entire video. You can import multiple video clips into a sequence without having to restart the queue when closing the app. This is especially useful for professional gamers who need advanced video effects and can’t afford to slow down the system. With Hitfilm Express, even if your app crashes, the project will be restored automatically and you will be able to resume it from your last chance.


Not all gamers are video editing professionals skilled in advanced tools. As the popularity of gaming videos continues to grow exponentially, many gamers are looking for intuitive tools that allow them to create a video in minutes. InVideo is the perfect choice for these players. There are over 5000 video templates and you can make a choice depending on the type of game video you want to create.

If you want to enhance the visual appearance of your game video, InVideo’s built-in Storyblocks and Shutterstock integration will give you premium content to add to your video. InVideo also gives you access to a royalty-free music library. Choosing the appropriate background music will enhance the dramatic effect of your video and make the viewer glue the screen for more content.

Since InVideo is an online editing tool, you can use it on any desktop or mobile device without having to worry about the processor, RAM and memory. InVideo is a dynamic tool and people who don’t want to create a game video from a template can choose a blank template to create the video from scratch.


A relatively simpler video editing tool, Shotcut is the perfect choice for people who use low-end PCs for gaming video editing. Shotcut is an open source tool that allows you to create videos for free and does not have a watermark. Enables resizing of the low-resolution preview to help improve the performance of the tool on low-RAM devices.

Shotcut boasts an audio launcher filter, supports a variety of transitions and video effects. The tool is ideal for gameplay footage captured in SDI, webcam, IP streaming, or HDMI. For novice editors, Shotcut’s interface is convenient to use as the drag and drop feature ensures convenient addition of assets. Furthermore. Shotcut has several video tutorials that you can watch to master the tool.


If you like to add complex effects to your gaming videos, then Kdenlive is the perfect choice. The tool has a proxy clip feature that creates copies of the original game videos with lower quality. This proxy file has a simpler codec and this requires lower computing requirements. Compared to video encoded in the conventional H.264 format, such proxy files place less CPU load.

This speeds up editing, simplifies the process of working on 4K footage, and offers seamless playback. Kdenlive is available for free on both Mac and Windows operating systems. The USP of this tool is its multitrack editing and unlimited video and track support in batch mode.

Kdenlive has a wide variety of blue screens, rotation, masking, distortion and other video effects that will be useful in your gaming videos. The user interface of this tool is modular and you can remap keyboard shortcuts to create videos in the blink of an eye.


Olive is one of the rare video editing tools that are simple to use, yet powerful enough for complex editing. With this tool, cutting, cropping and joining the pieces of the video is a simple task. The best part of the Olive tool is its performance. Even when trying to edit 4K footage on a mid-range desktop, the application is unlikely to crash.

Olive’s specialty is Bezier Curve animations. The tool supports hardware acceleration and proxy clips. Unlike expensive editing tools, Olive doesn’t have a hard limit on export resolution. Additionally, the GPU preview has GLSL effects making it a preferred choice for gaming video editing.

Best video game video editors, now start shooting!

The video editing tools above clearly illustrate that there is no shortage of options for gaming videos. While editing expectations are higher in the case of a gaming video, with the tools above, you can get studio-quality results from your home PC. All you need to do is take a step by step approach to video planning and identify a tool that meets your editing needs. As you create videos and earn respect in the world of gaming videos, I wish you a fun filled journey.

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