Forspoken: The best spells to unlock now

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Let’s find out together, in this dedicated guide, which are in our opinion the best spells to unlock as soon as possible in Forspoken: three for each type of magic, to become practically unstoppable

After a preview and a complete review, we can say that we have definitely told you enough about Forspoken. Although it is not an excellent title in almost any respect, is still managing to amuse us and take away several dozen hours of gameplay, beyond the main narrative. Released on January 24th on PC and exclusively on the PS5 console, the title is developed by Luminous Productions (the same as Final Fantasy XV, to be clear) and published by Square Enix. The protagonist, Frey Holland, will find herself embroiled in an adventure much bigger than her in an alternative world to our contemporary, in Athia, in the company of a sentient bracelet named Cuff. A pure and simple isekai, but with its peculiarities.

Before starting

Before finding out which are the best spells to unlock immediately in Forspoken, we remind you that here on you can find a good amount of themed articles and guides. Starting from what to know before buying the game, you can then move on to tips and tricks to play better, how to unlock fast travel and the best skills to unlock. Having said that, let’s venture into Frey’s magic section: four different types of support and attack spells, all quite powerful in certain situations, but what to unlock immediately to be more efficient? Let’s find out together.

Frey’s Magic (purple) | Forspoken: The best spells to unlock now

The first spell on which you will immediately have to look among Frey’s spells (immediately available in Forspoken) is definitely Seminara spell that will allow you to plant seeds in enemies that will cause damage for approximately 30 seconds. Extremely useful against larger enemies and bosses. The description is as follows:

Throws seeds that deal continuous damage for a short amount of time.

It then goes to Branch, very useful especially in the early stages of the game in which Frey does not have many ways to heal himself. Branch is a rather large area of ​​effect attack, which will hit everything around you in a circular trajectory and which, in addition to inflicting damage, will restore an amount of life proportional to the damage inflicted. Even more interesting is its very fast cooldown, which will allow you to use it multiple times in battle. The description is as follows:

Lash out with a snaking ivy branch around you dealing damage in the surrounding area and restoring your health in proportion to the damage inflicted.

The last spell we want to emphasize in Frey’s spell tree is Flowering, which is literally one of the most powerful and useful spells in the entire game. Using it, Frey will give birth to a flower that will act as a turret, which will autonomously strike enemies during battles. Make sure to upgrade it with spell challenges throughout your adventure, because it is definitely one of the most useful in all of Forspoken. The description is as follows:

Causes flowers to bloom in a location of your choice that pick up nearby rocks, throwing them at enemies.

Forspoken: The best spells to unlock now

The magic of Silas (Red) | Forspoken: The best spells to unlock now

The magic that we will obtain by defeating Tantha Sila is the red one, almost entirely devoted to melee. The first spell that we would like to advise you to unlock in this case is therefore Sharp Tornado, one of the very few ranged options in this case. This time we’re talking about an attack spell and, if you hold down R2, you can cast a spear that sticks to the enemy and explodes after a few seconds. The description is as follows:

Throws a magical spear that damages opponents and the surrounding area. When thrown in mid-air, it hits farther and harder.

We then move on to Eruptionprobably the most damaging spell in the Red set. A real geyser that is released at the feet of the enemies and that strikes twice, also dealing damage in a surrounding area. Works especially well against bosses. The description is as follows:

Causes lava to bubble up at the feet of enemies, which continues to work for a time.

In the end, Crucible. If you want to use Sila’s spells very often, you should maximize the Crucible’s power with spell challenges, because he is able to greatly increase the amount of damage dealt with any other spell in the set. With Crucible Frey launches a particularly large circle of fire on the battlefield and any attack launched within this circle will see its power increased. The description is as follows:

Surrounds the area with a flaming wall within which attack power is increased.

Forspoken: The best spells to unlock now

Prav’s Magic (Blue) | Forspoken: The best spells to unlock now

So let’s move on to Prav’s Blue magic, which mainly focuses on empowering Frey and depowering his enemies. For this last purpose, Hydra it is especially useful in battles with large groups of enemies. This spell hurls a water snake that travels among enemies and causes minor damage, but it also inflicts poison. Extremely useful if you are facing enemies with large amounts of HP and, if enhanced with spell challenges, the effect of the poison will last even longer. The description is as follows:

Hurls a meandering poisonous column of water capable of intoxicating those it hits.

Each set of spells has one that allows you to swap them quickly by pressing L1+R1+one of the four face buttons. While they’re all pretty useful, let’s admit that Electrifying jump we can count him among the indispensable ones, especially because of his evasive skills. Using this spell will allow Frey to launch yourself into the air with the push of a jet of water, making it very useful for avoiding area-of-effect attacks from enemies. The description is as follows:

Frey jumps high throwing water projectiles. His supply of bullets is replenished as he switches to Prav’s magic.

In the end, Oubilette. Undoubtedly one of the best spells for crowd control and damaging large groups of enemies, Oubilette throws a giant ball of water that traps one or more opponents. Hitting the sphere causes it to explode, dealing massive damage in the area. The description is as follows:

An attack that creates a huge ball of water in which the opponent is trapped. If the sphere is hit, an explosion occurs, causing splash damage.

Forspoken: The best spells to unlock now

The Spells of Olas (Green) | Forspoken: The best spells to unlock now

So let’s move on to the last set of spells, the green one of Olas, mainly oriented towards causing damage and confusing enemies. Projection It’s one of the basic spells in the set, but it’s also one of the most damaging spells. Frey hurls a spear of lightning at an enemy dealing massive damage and dealing a short-range shock AoE damage. It’s definitely not as fast as many other spells, but it will come in quite handy. The description is as follows:

Hurls a spear charged with the power of a storm at opponents that envelops the surrounding area in electricity.

So let’s move on to Sublimation, i.e. the spell that will immediately take the place of Branch once the Green set is unlocked. Sublimation is without any doubt the most useful spell in terms of healing of all Forspoken and, by activating it, Frey will automatically drain the life energy from surrounding enemies, while still being able to concentrate on attacking with other spells. Phenomenal. The description is as follows:

Absorbs the life force of the surrounding area, allowing you to slowly recover health.

The last spell we want to include in this guide is Distortion, the most emblematic of the green set. Not only does it deal a lot of damage with a wide range of effects, but what makes it really useful is the Chance to inflict Confusion on enemies. And it’s actually the only spell in the game to have a similar effect. Once confused, enemies begin attacking each other, completely diverting attention from Frey. The description is as follows:

It attacks enemies and envelops them in a disorienting fog that also causes them to attack each other.

Forspoken: The best spells to unlock now

Good fun!

Here ends our guide on the best spells to unlock right away in Forspoken. Let us know what you think below in the comments, if you are playing the Luminous Productions title or have not convinced you to buy it, we will continue to keep you updated with all the videogame and tech-themed news, guides and reviews! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we advise you to take a look at the InstantGaming catalogue!